Vermont history

Then Again: On and off the prohibition wagon

Lawmakers and the public have long shown their ambivalence about banning alcohol production and sales as a way to combat the social ills of its abuse.

Bob Wilson: Further stories from the Morses

Something about Mark Bushnell’s article about human hibernation sounded vaguely familiar, but it wasn’t until the last page, when he mentioned Allen Morse, that I made the connection.

Then Again: Vermont peddler to Wall Street robber baron

James Fisk conducted his affairs — both financial and personal — with all the subtlety of a carnival barker. And that was his undoing.

Gov. Phil Scott Proclaims February as Vermont African American Heritage Trail Month

Press Release — Gov. Phil Scott Monday, February 6, 2017 Contact: Rebecca Kelley 802-828-6403 [email protected] Montpelier, Vt. – Governor Phil Scott declared February as Vermont African American Heritage Trail Month during a proclamation ceremony and signing at the Vermont State House today. Joined by members of the Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity, Gov. Scott […]

Then Again: Bizarre tale of hibernation is a mystery

The story told of how one Vermont family would put their elderly and infirm into a sort of hibernation for the winter.

Then Again: Icy Vermont interlude for a Hollywood legend

Lillian Gish never forgot her time in Vermont. Perhaps it was the hardships she endured to create a famous scene, and the emotional reaction it elicited from audience members.

Charlotte covered bridge restoration keeps history alive

“The continuity of having the bridge here is important for our historic past,” said the president of the Charlotte Historical Society. The restoration, funded largely with federal money, was celebrated Sunday.

Then Again: A one-woman rally for rights

When Clarina Howard Nichols took her activism to the Statehouse, she could hardly have been more alone.

Then Again: Hailing a new chief by lamplight

The swearing-in of Calvin Coolidge as president was so humble that about the only preparation seems to have been that his father took time to shave before administering the oath.

Then Again: Vermont government grows

During the mid-1900s, two governors – a Republican and a Democrat – wrought reforms that drastically expanded state government and its role in the lives of Vermonters.

Greg Guma: Class struggle in early 20th century Barre

By the early 1920s, although the unions were still strong, the socialist movement was in decline and a new slogan was creeping into use – The American Plan.

‘My fellow Vermonters’: A history of first words that last

Gov.-elect Phil Scott is set to repeat an inaugural oath spoken by 76 predecessors. But as his six living peers can attest, the address that follows is very much one’s own.

Then Again: From horses to hockey — thrills on the ice

People have long seen the state’s frozen waters as an invitation to play, although risk was often part of the excitement.

Then Again: The gifts of Vermont’s Ebenezer Scrooge

Silas Griffith was a harsh businessman, but today his legacy in the towns of Danby and Mount Tabor is one of generosity.