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Legislation boosts potential for remote medicine

Lawmakers have approved a bill aimed at expanding telemedicine and mandating insurer reimbursement for such services. Supporters say it could increase health care access in rural areas.

Shorthanded regulatory board can’t agree on surgical center

The three remaining members on the five-seat Green Mountain Care Board say they cannot take action because they have not reached a consensus.

Medical pay parity bill meets scheduling issues

Procedural issues are calling into question the future of a bill the Senate passed Friday that, among other things, seeks to level the playing field for independent and hospital-employed doctors. The bill, H.29, passed the House earlier in the session as a bill that has to do with Medicare expenses. The Senate Finance Committee then […]

Health leaders call new Obamacare repeal worse than the first

At least 60,000 Vermonters could lose coverage, and the state could lose $200 million a year in Medicaid money, they say. “The House bill is a bad bill,” says Rutland hospital CEO Tom Huebner.

Hospitals, insurers, regulators push back on pay parity language

Stakeholders picked apart an amendment that would reduce pay disparities between independent and hospital-employed doctors.

Hospitals ask lawmakers to judge profits, not revenue

The hospital association said members actually went over budget by $28 million — less than half of what regulators had said. State budget writers are eyeing the money hospitals get for charity care.

Hospitals, regulators lean hard on surgical center investors

Allowing the Green Mountain Surgical Center to open would let independent doctors penetrate a market that has been exclusively controlled by hospitals.

Regulators set hearing on for-profit surgical center proposal

The Green Mountain Care Board on April 13 will hear from investors seeking to build the center in Colchester. Vermont hospitals have opposed the project for nearly two years.

Vermont insurer, hospitals oppose Obamacare replacement bill

“For Vermont and Vermonters, we don’t see anything good,” the CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont said Thursday. “It’s nothing we can support.”

Telemedicine on the rise at Vermont hospitals

Hospital administrators say giving patients remote access to routine checkups and specialists can improve care and cut costs. The efforts come as a telemedicine bill, approved by the Senate Friday, aims to increase insurer reimbursement.

Jeff Tieman: Building a strong health care system for all Vermonters

I understand that many Vermonters are weary from recent health care reform efforts. I also know that health reform, while difficult and complicated, can make a major difference in the lives of people and families.

Hospital administrator pay shows upward trend

Average compensation for chief executives at 15 hospitals went up 6.4 percent between 2013 and 2014. UVM Medical Center was an exception because of a bonus payout the previous year.

VAHHS Statement on Gobeille Appointment

News Release — Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Dec. 7, 2016 Contact: Jeff Tieman, President and CEO Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Telephone: (802) 223-3461, x111 Email: [email protected] Statement of Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Regarding: Appointment of Al Gobeille as Secretary of the Agency of Human Services The […]

Board grants anonymity to surgical center investors

Lawyers for the planned Green Mountain Surgery Center in Colchester argued that the investors in the project could be subject to retaliation from hospitals if their identities were known.