Licata: Fundamental changes

Obamacare so disquiets us because it “alters the substance of the objects themselves,” those objects being the relationship between us as America’s citizenry and our government, born from the tears of our Founders’ Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Licata: The right rights

In Montpelier’s society, freedom has gradually evolved into “freedom from economic necessity”: health care as a right; housing as a right; food as a right; college education as a right, etc. These kinds of “rights” can only occur at the expense of other kinds of “rights.”

Licata: Vermont and the nation face structural economic changes

Facing us is a deflationary debt-depression, which may be the precursor to a kind of supra-inflation economic period, as tens-of-trillions of dollars of government, corporate and household debt and unfunded liabilities ravage our economy and threaten our way of life, standard of living and even our national security. Simultaneously, emerging countries around the world are challenging our once dominant, near economic monopoly of post WWII. China, next year, will become the leading manufacturer in the world, a distinction held by the U.S. for some 110 years.

Licata: Gubernatorial candidates don’t understand coming economic storm

Since the advent of Act 60, in 1997, through and in 2007 inflation-adjusted dollars, total Vermont state spending grew 97%; Vermont median household income grew 8.7%; Vermont state and local government job growth grew 17%; and Vermont private-sector job growth grew 7.5% (through June of 2010, this number shrinks to just .6%, meaning that Vermont employs the same number of private-sector employees as it did in 1997, or some 13 years ago).

Licata: Woolf owes Douglas an apology

And, it is Art, who GROSSLY under-exaggerates the current problem, when he states: “the real fiscal problem is in the near term future-the next 10 or 20 years-not today.”
We’ll be lucky if the (forward-looking) financial markets give us another 12 – 36 months to demonstrate a credible plan to deal with – in the words of Mr. Bowles – our “cancer.”