Tom Evslin

Tom Evslin: Teach skills for better workers

It’s hard to think of any worse solution to the non-existent problem of not enough jobs than a universal dole.

Tom Evslin: Counteracting the anti-vaccine message

Absolutely no statistical or causal link has been found between any vaccination and autism. Nonetheless, the myth lives on.

Tom Evslin: Don’t make the internet safe for monopolies

Regulating internet access as if it were phone service would stifle innovation and protect the current dominant players from the startups that would otherwise threaten them.

Tom Evslin: The ship of state is taking on water

I’m afraid that America is currently a rocking boat.

Tom Evslin: No job is a bad job

For a better economy, raise the minimum wage and remove disincentives for work.

Tom Evslin: Is Vermont better off without Yankee?

The net effect of building more nuclear plants, especially if done without subsidies, should be cheaper and not more expensive power.

NG Advantage TM closes first round of equity financing

Investors include Essex Flagship Investors Group, a private investment firm based in Boston comprised of senior professionals with extensive experience investing in, developing, and managing operating businesses in the energy sector.

Evslin: Running government as a business

“Now what about selling more products to existing customers? The move into health care is good; lots of money and good margins there. Is it true they have to buy our product or they get fined?”

Evslin: Now what?

The word “conservative” has to go even though I like it. It is too often used to protect the status quo and those who benefit from it. “Liberal” would be good in its traditional sense but has been co-opted to mean maternalism. Independence? Freedom? Too tea party. So I don’t know the right word. Call it xxx

Evslins give $1 million to Fletcher Allen Health Care for cardiac research

With the donation, Evslin and his wife, Mary, are the first two members of the “Cardiovascular Angel Club,” which steals the term from the high-tech industry’s “angel investors.”

Evslin: Switchboard in the cloud

I can program my virtual extension to fit where I’m working, put it on autopilot by time of day, or even make it depend on who’s calling.

Evslin: A new business belongs in the cloud

What is more likely to be down: the triply-redundant, mirrored, multisource-powered, distributed server complex of a cloud provider or the server under your desk?

Evslin: Why Republicans (finally) opposed SOPA and PIPA

SOPA and PIPA were a massive overreaction to the real (although not well quantified) problems of content piracy and counterfeit goods on the Internet.

Evslin: Smart meters enhance physical privacy

As a board member of the Stowe Electric Department, I get occasional questions about smart meters from my neighbors.