school spending

Voters reject 18 school budgets

Thirty-seven budgets were struck down in 2014 when calls for tax relief hit a fever pitch.

House scuttles Scott’s plan for May school budget vote

Scott has presented no Plan B to fix the gap in the general fund and has told lawmakers that if they bring him a budget that increases taxes or fees, or cuts frontline workers, he will veto it.

Don Turner: Governor’s pragmatic budget will achieve critical reform

If legislators are serious about turning Vermont’s poor economic outlook around, then we must be open to making difficult but necessary choices together.

Legislative wrap: Act 46 drives education agenda from the start

Lawmakers spent January in machinations typically seen at the end of a session, as they strove in the lead-up to March town meetings to adjust the controversial allowable growth spending caps in the new law.

Burlington ballot: School budget with staff cuts; North Ave. poll

The city’s former mayor is on the Democratic presidential primary ballot, but what else will Queen City voters be asked to consider Tuesday on Town Meeting Day?

Lyonel Tracy: Democracy compromised

In the upcoming votes for school budgets in Vermont, a new wrinkle has been inserted within every Australian ballot budget article presented to local voters.

William Bazyk: Reining in special education spending

If school district were to be required to contribute more local dollars, it would spur innovation and efficiencies that would lead to better programing for students.

Montpelier sneak peek: Back in the saddle with spending caps, privacy bill

As is always the case in the second half of the biennium, lawmakers are thinking about leaving or re-election. There is little incentive in either case for legislators to stick their necks out on issues they don’t believe have traction back home.

Shumlin administration recommends 1 cent increase in property taxes

Last year, the average statewide property tax rate increased 2.5 cents and 2 cents for nonresidential. The prior year, the average property tax rate went up by 9 cents and nonresidential by 7.5 cents.

Vermont ACLU threatens to sue over school spending cap; lawmakers maintain law is constitutional

Allen Gilbert: “[Lawmakers] never honestly explored whether it was true that larger schools and larger school districts lead to better performance by students and savings of money.”

Vermont districts tackle merger aspect of school governance law

The Vermont school boards, superintendents, and principals associations and the Vermont Agency of Education have offered to meet with board chairs and superintendents to get them started on the requirements of H.361.

Senate’s preliminary approval of education reform bill sets up showdown with House

Senators voted 27-3 to accept the latest version of the education reform bill.

Lawmakers eye per-pupil formula to contain education costs

A cap on school spending is likely unconstitutional and so legislators have gone back to the drawing board and are now considering a per-pupil spending formula.

Gensburg: Education spending cap is unconstitutional

“Setting aside for the moment that the proposal is temporary, you have a built-in unequal access to education funding. I believe that would create a Brigham problem.”