Salvation Farms Holds Surplus Crop Forum

News Release — Salvation Farms June 9, 2017 CONTACT: Theresa Snow Salvation Farms Gathers Food System Colleagues for Day-Long Surplus Crop Forum Salvation Farms, in collaboration with Vermont Farm to Plate, hosted nearly 40 regional food system colleagues in May to strategize the first statewide conversation on moving more of Vermont’s surplus crops into […]

Farmers Gather at NOFA Winter Conference to Strategize the Future of Crop Surplus Management

News Release — Salvation Farms Feb. 23, 2017 Contact: Theresa Snow Salvation Farms, Executive Director 802-522-3148 During a NOFA Winter Conference workshop over the weekend, Salvation Farms facilitated a conversation with Vermont farmers to discuss what to do with surplus crops. The session began with some brief facts about why some crops grown on […]

New Report Shows High Demand for Fresh Produce in Vermont Food Programs

News Release — Salvation Farms Dec. 19, 2016 Contact: Theresa Snow, Salvation Farms 802-522-3148 Morrisville, VT, Dec 9, 2016 A recent study by Salvation Farms measures the demand for fresh produce within Vermont food or meal programs and teases out preferences and challenges regarding the sourcing and use of fruits and vegetables. The Morrisville-based […]

Salvation Farms Launches Workforce Skill-Building Program That Reduces Food Loss on Vermont Farms

News Release — Salvation Farms Sept. 30, 2016 Contact: Theresa Snow, Salvation Farms (802) 888-4360 Winooski, VT On Tuesday, September 27, Salvation Farms celebrated the opening of its new surplus-crop food hub in Winooski, Vermont. Known as the Vermont Commodity Program, the initiative engages a workforce development crew to clean, quality assess, and pack […]

Salvation Farms conducting food loss study

News Release — Salvation Farms Jan. 13, 2016 Contact: Theresa Snow Morrisville, VT, January 13, 2016 Salvation Farms, a non-profit dedicated to managing Vermont’s farm surplus, is conducting a study to determine how much food is lost annually on Vermont farms. Rough estimates indicate that millions of pounds of crops never leave the farm […]

Salvation Farms seeks donors for matching grant

News Release — Salvation Farms June 23, 2015 Contact: Theresa Snow Executive Director Salvation Farms 802-888-4360 New Donors Needed to Feed the Malnourished with Crops that Would Have Never Been Eaten Salvation Farms, a Morrisville based non-profit, has received a $10,000 matching grant for the second consecutive summer. What’s the catch … new donors […]