‘Error’ in private school rules has some feeling déjà vu

“Those communities are not crazy to think it is part of a philosophical push that has been in the air for some years,” said one lawmaker, harking back to failed legislation on public money for private education.

Senate hands out bigger carrots for school district consolidation, strengthens supervisory union authority

Many senators adamantly oppose school district consolidation of any kind, and at a caucus they remained uncomfortable with the legislation and the possibility that if the Senate passed the miscellaneous education, the House would tack a version of H.883 onto the legislation.

House freezes school privatization debate

Unless the bill is revived, neither ​a proposed two-year moratorium nor study will take effect.

House takes up school ‘flipping’ bill

There is no statute on the books either enabling or preventing a public-to-private transition, said Sen. David Zuckerman, P-Chittenden, who made the case for S.91 to the House committee Tuesday morning.

Moratorium on school privatization goes to final Senate vote

The two-year moratorium would prevent local voters from closing a public school to open an independent school in its place. The bill also would create a study committee to research questions of constitutionality.

Stakeholders reach for compromise over independent school requirements

Representatives from independent schools and school boards reported some progress in negotiations to the Senate Education Committee, which is considering new requirements for independent schools that accept public funds.

Bill would attach strings to public funds to independent schools

Proponents say the bill is about leveling the playing field for public schools; opponents say it shackles them with mandates that could spell their doom.