Rutland Herald moving out of Wales Street building

The newspaper has reached an agreement to move in November into a building on Grove Street, a couple of blocks from the city’s central business district.

Rutland property tax rate dropping slightly

The Board of Aldermen is reducing a reserve fund in order to achieve a tax cut of $6 on a $150,000 home. City Treasurer Wendy Wilton says the move poses some risks.

Rutland nonprofit that promotes local farm economy is in ‘limbo’

Rutland Area Farm and Food Link’s last executive director left this spring, and the board president says funding sources have lapsed.

Rulings are mixed bag for ex-Rutland attorney in hit and run

Christopher Sullivan failed in his bid to have a different judge preside over his new sentencing. But his lawyer managed to expand the scope of evidence he can present.

Man who settled suit over drug arrest is jailed on new charges

In a previous case, footage indicated a Burlington police officer lied about smelling marijuana coming from the man’s car. Rutland police now say they found the man with drugs.

State: Settlement over $650,000 site cleanup falls through

A judge is now being asked to determine how much the owner of a once-contaminated property in Rutland owes for the cleanup the state did on an emergency basis.

Rutland grand list stays above $1 billion despite $10 million dip

The city grand list in Rutland, reflecting the total of property values, is shrinking, but still tops $1 billion. One issue: About 20 tax-delinquent properties the city has been unable to sell.

Gobeille: Opioid crisis ‘is ubiquitous. It’s literally everywhere’

The state’s human services secretary estimated that roughly 1 in 3 Vermont addicts are in treatment.

Marlboro College opens refugee series to the public

“There are so many questions and a lot of emotional reactions,” organizers say of what’s spurring their talks on “Refugees in the USA Today: Gaining Some Perspective.”

Rutland Syrian refugee resettlement: ‘We’re in a holding pattern’

A U.S. Supreme Court decision last month “has thrown even more confusion into the process.”

Rutland woman accuses Walmart of disability rights violations

The lawsuit says the company didn’t adequately accommodate her physical limitations so she could work as a department manager.

Rutland seeks options for city-owned properties

“The city doesn’t want to be a landlord, we want to be a tax collector,” said Board of Aldermen President Sharon Davis. Rutland has about 20 parcels it acquired mostly through tax sales.

Rutland addiction doctor faces dozens of drug fraud charges

Dr. Mark Logan is also accused of Medicaid fraud. He had relinquished his license to practice in Vermont as well as his federal license to prescribe regulated drugs in 2016.

Fell’s death penalty trial postponed again

Prosecutors are appealing a judge’s ruling regarding the admissibility of statements by an alleged accomplice who has since died. The trial was to have started in September.