Richard Snelling

Garrison Nelson: Jim Jeffords, reluctant rebel

Of the many ironies of the full life and lengthy public career of the late U.S. Sen. Jim Jeffords is that this shy, kind and gentle man began his statewide political quest in 1968, one of the most troubling years of the 20th century.

Cillo: Smart investments will move Vermont forward

Managing to results has been replaced by managing to the money, which focuses on spending only the money that is available at current tax rates even if it means failing to meet essential state goals or compromising the state’s standards.

Maverick Chronicles: In a time of democratic distemper

The appeal of Carter was a combination of charm, an “interesting” family narrative, traditional values and an outsider image.

Clarke: I owe my career to Phil Hoff

There I was, sitting around in a smoke-filled room with some of the state’s top politicos, discussing ways to re-elect a governor. Pretty heady stuff. I was hooked.

Snelling formally launches bid for lieutenant governor

Snelling wants to lower taxes, relicense Vermont Yankee, protect the Vermont brand, lower education spending and reform the permitting process for businesses.

Snelling: Challenges for Change are the key to Vermont’s future

Some have problems with the lack of specific spreadsheet details. This is a normal result with transformative and innovative changes in business or government.

The story of lost opportunity … and its consequences

This is a story of Vermont government’s chronic mismanagement, by the executive and legislative branches and the leadership of both parties.

Snelling Center cuts staff, relocates

The Snelling Center for Government was flush a year ago. The nonpartisan civic leadership group had seven employees, a budget of about $800,000 and an office space in downtown Burlington. Today, the well-regarded center, named for the late Gov. Richard Snelling and run by his son, Mark, is operating with half that budget and has […]