Stephanie Hainley: New retirement savings program suits Vermont’s small business economy

Helping more Vermonters achieve better financial footing later in life will make our state economy healthier.

Committee urges state to offer public retirement plan

The plan would be targeted toward workers in businesses with 50 or fewer employees. A board would vet investment products, and participants would pay administrative costs.

John Moran: Financial security for our senior citizens

In the second oldest state, with 30 percent of our citizens over 55 and many seniors finding living in our district unaffordable, financial security for my fellow seniors is to me a major concern.

Effects of state retirement incentive will be felt, agencies say

“You can’t just absorb cuts like this without having an impact,” said Alyssa Schuren, commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation, which incurred 14 vacancies.

State notifies employees eligible for retirement incentive

The State Treasurer’s Office has mailed notices to 949 employees who are eligible for a retirement payout of up to $15,000.

Retired Vermont teachers now have fossil-free investment option

Vermont teachers now have the option to invest in a mutual fund that excludes fossil fuel companies. The state Teacher’s Retirement Board of Trustees recently approved the addition of a fossil fuel-free mutual fund investment option for its 403(b) plan, Treasurer Beth Pearce said in a news release. The board approved the addition of the […]

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont hosts health care after retirement sessions

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT) announces a series of Health Care After Retirement Sessions, for Vermonters retiring soon or just becoming eligible for Medicare.

Stannard: Giving thanks

Heavy as this time of year may be, it does allow us to reflect on the year that’s about to close.

Stannard: Whose idea is this?

Who was behind the morphing of American corporations from institutions that strived to take care of their workers to entities that use people like toilet paper?

Stannard: On retirement

I’ve represented municipalities, citizens groups and agencies that deal with the poor. Most of my work over the years has been representing underdogs, folks who under normal circumstances wouldn’t stand a chance in the legislative process.

Postal service watchdog says retirement reserves already are ‘astonishingly high’

For immediate release Feb. 1, 2012 Contact Michael Briggs (202) 224-5141 WASHINGTON, Feb. 6 – At a time when the U.S. Postal Service is considering deep cuts in services and jobs, an internal watchdog today told Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) that a big funding cushion already has been built into the mail service’s retirement and health […]

Treasurer’s office reissues 1099-R forms to resolve printing error

MONTPELIER, VT.—The Vermont State Treasurer’s Office is reissuing c to a group of retirement system members who recently received forms which contained two items of information printed in the wrong boxes. A letter alerting the members to the error will be mailed today. The reissuance impacts approximately 8,700 people. The retirement accounts are from the […]