Fate of Burlington gun control charter changes uncertain

A fourth charter change, regarding Burlington ward redistricting, must be voted on this session, and could be treated as a separate bill.

Redistricting map finished

The House, with a few changes, readopted the map it had previously approved before the Senate proposed major adjustments that were ultimately rejected in conference committee.

Redistricting compromise in the works?

Rep. Ron Hubert is floating a proposal (a.k.a. Option 7) that would divide up Chittenden County into two, three-member districts.

Story updated: Senate moves ahead with House redistricting plan

Story corrected: Senate changed Bennington House districts, leading to a 24 percent deviation rate.

Turner: Minority plays critical role in protecting integrity of House reapportionment

Up to this point, the product of this relatively nonpartisan process could have been a model of redistricting for the country.

Redistricting ready for full Senate action

The changes ensure the likelihood that the bill, H.789, will require further action by the House and a conference committee to iron out differences, which could delay resolution.

Dems, GOP resolve Rutland County redistricting dispute; reapportionment on tap for Wednesday and Thursday

“I wanted a bipartisan vote,” Sweaney said. “I wanted to prove it could be done.”

Burlington reps make case for additional seat in redistricting process

Burlington representatives want a 10th seat in the House of Representatives.

Final Apportionment Board plan increases number of single-seat districts

After several months of back and forth over single-member district seats for House members, the map the board approved on Thursday looks more like the one currently in use.

Margolis: Why you shouldn’t care about the Apportionment Board

The Apportionment Board has no power. In the words the office of Secretary of State, “the Apportionment Board drafts the initial apportionment plan. In other words, the Board recommends to the Legislature. The Legislature has the power. It reapportions itself.

Vermont Senate redistricting plan eliminates NEK seat

The proposed change makes Orleans a single-seat district and pits two long serving members against each other — Sen. Vince Illuzzi and Sen. Bobby Starr.

Apportionment board doubles number of single-member House districts

The Senate map largely follows county lines with a few exceptions, and it reconfigures the unwieldy, six-member Chittenden County Senate district into four new two-member voting districts.

Apportionment redux: Next up, the state senate

The minority parties on the Apportionment Board have proposed single-member voting districts for the Senate.

Davis says redistricting proposal is “impractical”

“The primary problem of the single-member plan is that it will cause more problems than it solves,” Davis said.