Rebecca Holcombe

With second merger vote looming, Royalton asks, ‘What if?’

Residents met this week to hear about their options, which also hinge on what happens in a revote in Rochester that’s scheduled after theirs.

Holcombe confirmed to keep education post

The Senate confirmed the governor’s appointment of Rebecca Holcombe to remain secretary of education Thursday. Sen. Philip Baruth, D/P-Chittenden, chair of the Senate Committee on Education, said her appointment was the best decision Gov. Phil Scott could have made. “I think she is one of the most intelligent and adept at policy in her role […]

Education agency losing longtime financial guru

The secretary says Bill Talbott is the only person she knows who has the Green Book — a thick tome that is Vermont’s education law — memorized.

Vermont submits education plan to feds

The plan is the state’s response to the Every Student Succeeds Act, the successor to No Child Left Behind.

Proposal to shift more money into pre-K subsidies languishes

The property tax implications of transferring money out of the education fund generated some criticism. The bill also aims to iron out issues with implementing universal preschool.

Rebecca Holcombe: Mergers leading to improved choices and options

After a long process of community conversations, the school districts of Rochester, Bethel and Royalton vote Tuesday on a merger plan.

Administration hails district merger votes as path to savings

Nearly 60 percent of Vermont students now live, or will soon be living, in a unified district, according to the administration.

Vermont officials reaffirm protections for transgender kids

Regardless of action at the federal level, a 2007 law protects Vermonters from gender identity discrimination, including in schools, say state officials.

Rebecca Holcombe: Both federal and state education goals stress continuous improvement

The Every Student Succeeds Act focuses attention and funds on our most vulnerable children – a goal unequivocally championed by Gov. Phil Scott in his inaugural address.

UPDATED: Holcombe reappointed as education secretary

She will continue in the post she has held since being appointed by Gov. Peter Shumlin in 2014.

Education leaders reassure students in wake of Trump orders

The education secretary blasted the president’s actions and declared Vermont’s moral commitment to making all students feel welcome.

Request to delay school budget votes fares no better in House

The administration — already rebuffed by a Senate panel — wanted to focus on that aspect of the governor’s education proposal. But House committee members raised broad issues with the overall plan.

Lawmakers address pre-K glitch that could affect tax rates

The bill is meant to ensure an accurate headcount of pre-kindergarten students.

Holcombe to apply as search starts for next education chief

Gov.-elect Phil Scott has asked the State Board of Education to start a search for the next secretary of education, according to a news release from the board. Board Chair Stephan Morse said Tuesday that he had appointed a subcommittee to start the search, which he hopes will be finished by the board’s January meeting. […]