Rutland area NAACP makes supporting students a priority

One founder said there’s been an outpouring of community interest in the group, which has more than enough members to be chartered as a regional chapter.

Leahy presses as Sessions declares commitment to civil rights

The Vermonter pushed the would-be attorney general to vow to uphold key rights laws he had not supported as an Alabama senator, including two Leahy sponsored.

Study: Blacks, Hispanics face more enforcement in traffic stops

They’re more likely than whites to be ticketed, searched and arrested. One of the researchers said her sense is that “a good deal of these disparities is due to implicit bias.”

Clergy take to pulpits to decry religious and racial hate

A coalition of Vermont spiritual congregations spread its message statewide over the weekend during a “Sabbath of Listening and Healing.”

Coalition of groups rallies for ‘people’s agenda’

The initiatives include raising the minimum wage to $15, improving water quality and addressing racial inequalities.

David Budbill’s spirit lives on in new novel

The Vermont writer’s posthumously published “Broken Wing” is an allegorical tale — in part about what it may be like to be a person of color in one of the nation’s whitest states.

A Vermont Buddhist’s take on Black Lives Matter

Brattleboro teacher Claire Stanley is sharing a unique view of race relations in one of the nation’s whitest states.

Margolis: Trump’s election doesn’t mean what you think

The “America is a rotten country” interpretation can be rejected. Millions of decent people who had voted for Barack Obama four years ago switched to Trump for reasons other than bigotry.

Trading present racial tension for a ‘Multicultural Future’

The Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity gathered public- and private-sector leaders to discuss how the second-whitest state in the nation can better open itself to the rest of the world.

Black Lives Matter flag flown, stolen, flown again at UVM

The banner’s raising last week set off a firestorm that would earn headlines in state and national media outlets and was followed by an act that police are investigating as a crime.

Lawmaker targeted in race-based online comments

Rep. Kiah Morris, D-Bennington, responded by saying: “The actions of one person prove that he has no respect for Vermont values nor for those who live in our communities. His actions were an assault on each one of us.”

Green Mountains racial history isn’t black and white

Vermont may pride itself on being the first state to outlaw slavery, but the past is more complicated — and contributing to present-day tensions, scholars said this weekend at the Bookstock literary festival in Woodstock.

Repeating the past in hopes of changing the present

More than 20 Vermont communities are set to host public readings of Frederick Douglass’ 1852 Independence Day oration to shed light on current issues and inequalities.

Racial disparities documented in state police traffic stops

Newly analyzed data from the Vermont State Police shows that white drivers are stopped less often than members of other groups. A researcher says that may not prove bias but that the information merits further examination.