Senate approves racial justice oversight board bill

“This is not aimed at law enforcement alone, but recognizes issues present in the entire system,” said Sen. Jeanette White. The House addressed similar concerns via two other bills.

House advances bills promoting racial justice

As representatives approved two pieces of legislation on the floor, senators worked on the same issues with time running short.

Dr. Hannah Miller to Discuss ‘Critical Race Theory’ at Sterling College

News Release — Sterling College March 28, 2017 Media Contact: Christian Feuerstein, Director of Communications, Sterling College 802.586.7711 x164 • [email protected] March 28, 2017 • Craftsbury Common, VT • Critical race theory recognizes that racism is engrained in American society, and that institutional racism is pervasive. Once acknowledged, how can people build inclusive learning communities […]

Ex-nightclub owner’s lawsuit accuses Rutland police of bias

The suit alleges that officers drove away business by targeting the club’s African-American patrons as suspected drug dealers. The police chief says that wasn’t the case.

Legislation envisions racial justice oversight board

The panel would review the implementation of initiatives such as data collection and implicit bias policies. “We don’t have a way of … ensuring that the work is actually being done,” said one lawmaker.

Then Again: Klan crosses burned in Vermont, but not for long

What drew people to the group varied. Some were attracted by its message of hatred and exclusion, while others described it as a social club, akin to the Masons or Rotary.

Middlebury president to join audience for divisive speaker

She isn’t endorsing Charles Murray’s views but his right to speak, says the college. Meanwhile, faculty and students are considering actions to oppose Murray.

‘The mascot is the springboard for a much broader discussion’

As South Burlington prepares to retire its high school’s team nickname — to avoid Confederate connotations — another community has already shown such a change can work.

‘Local Love Brigade’ aims to console targets of hate

The group, supplementing Valentine’s Day with year-round social action, is sending heart-strewn postcards to harassed people and institutions statewide.

Hartford School Board balks at race committee

Members of the public who pushed for the Hartford Selectboard to formally address race relations in the community say they now plan to set their sights on the School Board, in part because the School Board has indicated it will not participate in the formal process.

Black Lives Matter Vermont brings advocacy to Statehouse

The group detailed some of the challenges that people of color are facing and announced plans for an omnibus racial justice bill.

South Burlington sees resistance to dropping ‘Rebels’ name

After the school board voted last week to abandon the name, residents have taken to Facebook and petition drives in hopes of reversing the decision.

Rutland area NAACP makes supporting students a priority

One founder said there’s been an outpouring of community interest in the group, which has more than enough members to be chartered as a regional chapter.

Leahy presses as Sessions declares commitment to civil rights

The Vermonter pushed the would-be attorney general to vow to uphold key rights laws he had not supported as an Alabama senator, including two Leahy sponsored.