property taxes

Rutland property tax rate dropping slightly

The Board of Aldermen is reducing a reserve fund in order to achieve a tax cut of $6 on a $150,000 home. City Treasurer Wendy Wilton says the move poses some risks.

No luck yet as Burlington pushes colleges to pay more

The City Council has approved a one-year extension of the University of Vermont’s payment in lieu of taxes at its current level of $1.3 million.

Some worry school funding problems being kicked down road

“I am concerned this sets up an increase in taxes next year, but that ship has sailed,” said Rep. Cynthia Browning, D-Arlington.

After weeks of strife, few fireworks in daylong veto session

“Compromise is successful when nobody gets everything they want, and nobody walks away with their last choice option,” said the House speaker. Lawmakers passed budget and tax bills and wrapped up.

UPDATED: Scott’s fiscal veto message rejected as inadequate

The House clerk said the budget and property tax bill vetoes needed to come in separate letters. Scott’s spokesperson called the rejection “hyper-political.” The clerk’s office later accepted resubmitted versions.

Legislature passes narrowed consumer protection bill

The bill addresses fantasy sports and home escrow accounts. Also, the secretary of state’s office would look at how to regulate the home improvement industry to root out fraud.

Education finance bill emerges with tax rate boost

The Senate Finance Committee voted out a bill with higher property tax rates than the version the House passed.

Property tax proposal would reflect local spending levels

Under the current formula, low spending districts are subsidizing higher spending towns.

Margolis: The political calculus behind Scott’s new math

It’s not yet clear if the numbers in the governor’s bold plan for education spending add up, but they do count for something.

Burlington mayor wants major institutions to pony up for infrastructure

Geographically, 44 percent of property in Burlington is owned by entities that don’t pay property tax, according to city budgets and its grand list. Many make voluntary payments in lieu of taxes, which the mayor is trying to boost.

Peter Miller: I am Vermont broke

With wolves at the door in the bellwether state of Vermont, it’s time to get creative.

Scott Woodward: Vermont’s ‘homevoter’ effect

The idea of the Homevoter Hypothesis is that homeowners have a stronger incentive to get involved in local politics than others (e.g., renters) because local policies have a powerful effect on the value of their largest asset, their homes.

Lawmakers use property tax surplus to buy down rates

The House prevailed on the rate, and the Senate held firm on lowering excess spending thresholds from 121 percent of the state average per pupil spending in 2014 to 119 percent in fiscal year 2020.

Senate panel raises property taxes for 2017

Taxes went up under the Senate bill because lawmakers decided not to apply the entire Education Fund surplus to the tax rate this year.