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Merger incentives survive negotiations over education bill

A conference committee worked out a deal reflecting both legislative chambers’ priority issues. For the Senate the sticking point had to do with draft rules on private schools.

Political wrangling over private school rules splits Vermont Legislature

The state board entered “a game of chicken with the Legislature.”

Senate panel drops attempt to overhaul education board

The Education Committee supported legislation creating a special group to recommend how to move forward with controversial private school rules and making various other changes to laws.

Advocates push ‘equity’ for special education students

The debate over public funding of private schools includes whether they should have to educate all students, as long as there is room.

‘Error’ in private school rules has some feeling déjà vu

“Those communities are not crazy to think it is part of a philosophical push that has been in the air for some years,” said one lawmaker, harking back to failed legislation on public money for private education.

Senators aim to bring education board to heel over school rules

Proposed legislation would throw out the draft rules, give private schools a board seat and require members to hew to legislative intent in rulemaking.

Board puts off private school rules amid talk of political sway

Members agreed they need the Education Agency’s input, which they haven’t had since August. How to make that happen was a matter of some disagreement.

Data report: Parents choose public over private schools for special education

Private schools, with a few exceptions, don’t offer a full array of programs for students with disabilities.

Education board chair: Ethics complaint is matter for governor

Chairman Stephan Morse told three lawmakers, who alleged conflict of interest by board member William Mathis, that he doesn’t have the authority to take up the issue.

Lawmakers seek ethics probe of education board member

The three legislators point to William Mathis’ job with a national organization supported by teachers unions. But some others see the move as payback for the board’s new rules on private schools.

Year in Review: Top education stories of 2016

A spending cap that went bust, Act 46 mergers, private school rules and test scores.

AG confirms education board’s rule-making authority over private schools

Not only does Title 16 of the Vermont statute “enable” and “require” the State Board of Education to make such rules, but it says by the plain reading of the language it was also the Legislature’s intent that they do so.

Crowd hammers education board over private school rules

State officials and education leaders said Tuesday that discussions will continue on revisions to allay concerns about what the rules would actually do.

State Board of Education: Proposed draft Rule 2200

The principles driving the proposed changes are proper accountability of the state’s funds, equality of opportunity, non-discrimination, and updating of language.