Paul Tencher

Tencher: Gibbs hides from Tea Party affiliation

Tencher: “Given Jason’s well-documented relationship with the Tea Party, has he contacted the various Tea Party groups he associates with to get assurance that intimidation and suppression tactics will not occur on Election Day in Vermont?”

Digger tidbits: Into the swirl of septic; the dirt machine

The twin genies of negative campaigning – fear and loathing — have been uncorked. Once such toxins have been released into the political atmosphere, they can take a long time to dissipate.

Vermont Democratic Party files second complaint against RGA

Tencher: “It’s not just about this election, it’s about ensuring RGA doesn’t continue violating the law. … It’s in the public’s interest to make sure they don’t keep spitting in the face of campaign finance law.”

Tencher: “Salmon accepts improper campaign cash”

Tencher: “By accepting money from people you audit, such as a Sheriff, or the people bidding on your contracts, you create the perception that perhaps you’re acting on behalf of a private interest rather than the public interest.”

Tencher claims RGA money spent on Dubie may be from China

Media reports yesterday may have revealed a new source of outside-of-Vermont support for Brian Dubie: corporations from China, Russian and the Middle East. President Barack Obama called on the public, including members of the media to investigate the roll foreign companies are having on American elections through their donations to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Vermont Democratic Party slaps Dubie, Republican Governors Association with complaint

Paul Tencher: “This is a precedent set by Washington Republicans and we can’t let them get away with it. I’m protecting Peter Shumlin and the rest of our candidates.”