Middlebury College

Discipline process grinds on for Middlebury protesters

Students say it has been confusing and stressful. The college won’t comment on the specifics until after the sanctions process is complete.

Smith: The art of demonization

Stifling speech is dangerous stuff, especially in a democracy, because ultimately the goal is to ban opposing thought.

Middlebury grad treks cross-country in search of meaning

Andrew Forsthoefel is author of the new book “Walking to Listen: 4,000 Miles Across America, One Story at a Time.”

Sheldon Museum’s ‘Focus on the Sheldon’ Features Photograph by Kirsten Hoving

News Release — Sheldon Museum April 5, 2017 Contact: Bill Brooks, Executive Director 802/388/2117 [email protected] www.henrysheldonmuseum.org Middlebury….Professor and photographer Kirsten Hoving is one of the artists represented in the current exhibit Focus on the Sheldon: A Five-Point Perspective on view at Middlebury’s Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History through May 13, 2017. She is also […]

Jon Meacham to Give Middlebury College Commencement Address

News Release — Middlebury College April 6, 2017 Contact: Sarah Ray Director of Media Relations Middlebury College O: 802-443-5794 M: 802-989-3403 H: 802-985-3136 MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – Jon Meacham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, political commentator, and former editor-in-chief of Newsweek, will deliver the 2017 Middlebury College commencement address on Sunday, May 28. A presidential historian, Meacham is […]

Don Keelan: Middlebury College’s black eye

Where was the outrage by the Middlebury faculty of the students’ behavior?

Bill Schubart: Middlebury student mob and free speech

Being exposed to ideas one finds ethically or intellectually flawed is intrinsic to learning.

Gwendolyn Hallsmith: Learning from the mistakes made at Middlebury

Demonizing the other side is another form of more subtle violence that makes matters worse.

Professor: ‘I feared for my life’ from overzealous mob

She said protesters’ anger at speaker Charles Murray, while wrongly expressed, was understandable in light of the “ugly” rhetoric from President Trump and its consequences.

McKibben chastises Middlebury protesters for hurting the cause

The activist, a scholar in residence at the college, says those who shouted down speaker Charles Murray appeared to show intolerance and “gave the bad guys a gift.”

Gregory Dennis: Charles Murray, dissent and the indefensible

Shouting down speakers with whom we disagree poisons the public debate, silences dissent and denies the majority a chance to hear speakers with varying points of view.

Erica Robinson: A Middlebury fail

It was Middlebury College’s responsibility to draw a line on behalf of its students of color and it failed spectacularly.

Deb Bucknam: Unequal application of constitutional protections

The same leaders who were so quick to defend the rights of immigrants have been silent about the violations of constitutional rights and academic freedom for Charles Murray.

Tom Koch: What have we come to?

The idea of silencing speakers with an opposing view is antithetical to all that I learned as a political science major at Middlebury.