Middlebury College

Bill Schubart: Middlebury student mob and free speech

Being exposed to ideas one finds ethically or intellectually flawed is intrinsic to learning.

Gwendolyn Hallsmith: Learning from the mistakes made at Middlebury

Demonizing the other side is another form of more subtle violence that makes matters worse.

Professor: ‘I feared for my life’ from overzealous mob

She said protesters’ anger at speaker Charles Murray, while wrongly expressed, was understandable in light of the “ugly” rhetoric from President Trump and its consequences.

McKibben chastises Middlebury protesters for hurting the cause

The activist, a scholar in residence at the college, says those who shouted down speaker Charles Murray appeared to show intolerance and “gave the bad guys a gift.”

Gregory Dennis: Charles Murray, dissent and the indefensible

Shouting down speakers with whom we disagree poisons the public debate, silences dissent and denies the majority a chance to hear speakers with varying points of view.

Erica Robinson: A Middlebury fail

It was Middlebury College’s responsibility to draw a line on behalf of its students of color and it failed spectacularly.

Deb Bucknam: Unequal application of constitutional protections

The same leaders who were so quick to defend the rights of immigrants have been silent about the violations of constitutional rights and academic freedom for Charles Murray.

Tom Koch: What have we come to?

The idea of silencing speakers with an opposing view is antithetical to all that I learned as a political science major at Middlebury.

College: Discipline will follow probe of speech protest

The Middlebury president promised an independent investigation. Police also will look into allegations that a protester injured a professor.

Jacob Appel: A chilling effect on public discourse

One does not have to agree with Charles Murray’s ideas to be deeply disturbed by the efforts of Middlebury College students to silence him.

Protesters injure Middlebury professor escorting controversial speaker

A Middlebury College spokesperson says the protesters who caused Allison Stangar’s neck injury were not students at the college. VIDEO

Middlebury College students block controversial speaker

Author Charles Murray stood silently on stage, apparently dumbfounded, for nearly 30 minutes until he was moved to another room for a live stream presentation of his remarks. As the large screen on stage projected Murray’s image, his voice was drowned out by protestors chanting, pulling fire alarms, and unplugging electronic devices.

Faculty, students protest Middlebury’s plans for author talk

An open letter from more than 600 students and faculty said the college should not provide a platform to perpetuate “racist, sexist, classist and ableist structures of power.”

Margolis: The inanity of the Murray flap

What has happened when students and faculty try to stop someone from speaking is that: (1) the speaker speaks anyway; (2) to a larger crowd; (3) making him a bigger draw on the lecture circuit; (4) making the college and the faculty that tried to prevent the speech look like would-be totalitarians.