mental health

Lawmakers advance four mental health bills

The House moved forward with three bills related to mental health, while the Senate used a procedural move to advance the workers’ compensation expansion for mental health.

Senate panel aims to give kids broad right to seek counseling

The Health and Welfare Committee is pushing to expand the scope of a bill making parental permission unnecessary for treatment related to sexual orientation or gender identity.

Workers’ compensation expansion getting chance in Senate

The Senate plans to use a procedural move to pass H.197, which would extend mental health coverage. Senate President Tim Ashe rejected concerns raised about costs.

Analysts: Workers’ comp bill’s cost likely wouldn’t top $126,000

The Legislature’s budget analysts say a bill to provide mental health parity in workers’ compensation would cost the state budget nothing in the next fiscal year and likely no more than $126,000 in fiscal 2019. The Joint Fiscal Office presented the estimate Friday to the House Appropriations Committee, which has been looking at the cost […]

Panel passes expansion of workers compensation for mental health injuries

The amended version of H.197 would cover mental health issues caused by an experience on the job. The provision creates a legal presumption that first responders could develop PTSD on the job.

Deb Bucknam: Minors counseling bill is an assault on a parent’s right

The bill provides that any minor can seek mental health treatment for issues of gender identity or sexual orientation without the consent or knowledge of his or her parents.

Senate backs bill to examine, better fund mental health system

S.133 requires an action plan from the Agency of Human Services to improve mental health treatment and calls for higher pay for mental health workers.

Bill on workers’ comp for mental health raises cost concerns

A House committee is considering an amendment to reduce the scope of the proposal. The governor said he’d prefer the bill’s focus be kept to first responders.

Senators seek $30.2 million to increase pay for mental health workers

The bill passed the Senate Health and Welfare Committee unanimously Friday and now heads to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Senate acts to ease psychiatric backlog in emergency rooms

It passed a bill that’s expected to help. And Senate President Tim Ashe says he has asked the Human Services Agency for a plan to do more.

House committee prioritizes four mental health bills

Rep. Bill Lippert, D-Hinesburg, the chair of House Health Care, said the panel hopes to pass all four bills before crossover.

Louis Josephson: Fragile safety net needs attention

Community-based services, when properly resourced, will keep people suffering from mental health and addiction issues out of our emergency departments.

Bill on mental health ‘duty to warn’ is headed to Senate floor

The Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed S.3, which seeks to clarify mental health providers’ responsibilities when discharging a patient who may be dangerous.

Senate passes bill to expand doctor recovery program

The Vermont Senate passed a bill, S.14, on Friday that would extend the scope of a program that helps doctors recover from substance abuse. The voluntary Vermont Practitioner Health Program was designed to protect the public. Many doctors are referred to it by the Vermont Board of Medical Practice. If the bill becomes law, Vermont […]