Cancer Action Network Sends Letter to Scott Expressing Concerns on Proposed Medicaid Changes

News Release — American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Jan. 11, 2017 Contact: Amber Herting American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network Phone: 508-450-8690 E-mail: [email protected] Governor: Low-Income Cancer Patients and Survivors Need Continued Access to Meaningful Health Insurance Alternative Medicaid Financing Proposals Could Have Damaging Impact for Cancer Patients and Survivors Who Depend on the […]

AG’s office says Brattleboro Retreat probe wrapping up

The lengthy investigation still has one issue unresolved and will conclude “as soon and as efficiently as possible,” an official said. A former Retreat employee alleged Medicaid fraud.

2017 Legislative Preview: Medicaid, mental health and Vermont Health Connect

Medicaid spending will once again be a driving factor in a projected $55 million to $75 million budget gap.

Report: Vermont Health Connect flawed, but state’s best option

A new analysis recommends sticking with the existing health insurance exchange even though it has “significant deficiencies.”

Advisory board urges expanded access to hepatitis C drugs

The Department of Vermont Health Access, which administers Medicaid, will need to decide whether to go along. The drugs are widely considered some of the most expensive on the market.

Feds say they overpaid for Vermont Health Connect

The state should refund millions it received based on the assumption that every Vermonter would use the exchange, according to an inspector general’s report. The state says federal officials accepted that assumption.

Can Sanders and Trump find common ground as political outsiders?

As Trump gears up a victory tour, Sanders and his team are hammering out a game plan of their own.

Attorney General’s Office Agrees to Settlement with Mousetrap Pediatrics on False Claims Investigation

News Release — Office of the Attorney General November 18, 2016 Contact: Jason Turner Assistant Attorney General (802) 828-5332 The State of Vermont and Mousetrap Pediatrics PC, have reached an agreement settling an investigation into whether Mousetrap submitted false claims or received overpayments from the Vermont Medicaid Program. Mousetrap operated as a pediatric physician group […]

Vermont to lose funding source for psychiatric hospital

The federal government is putting a stop to the way the state has used Medicaid money to fund certain facilities that don’t qualify, as well as other programs.

Trump’s Obamacare repeal plan predicted to hurt Vermont

The state could be forced to scale back its $1.7 billion Medicaid program, which expanded to cover tens of thousands more low-income residents under the Affordable Care Act.

Millions in Medicaid money being transferred to primary care

Senators suggested the transfer from academic medical centers after the House passed the spending bill in 2016, lawmakers say.

Regulators now say all-payer scope extends to Medicaid reimbursements

Raising what Vermont Medicaid pays doctors and hospitals did not come up during the public comment period for the all-payer model. Hospitals say the current reimbursement rates cause losses that they must pass along.

Global commitment waiver for Medicaid extended five years

ermont has secured renewal for the federal waiver that allows the state to use Medicaid money for both medical care and investments in population health. The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved the Global Commitment to Health Medicaid Waiver on Monday, for a period to run from Jan. 1, 2017 to Dec. 31, […]

Howard Dean: Scott and health care

I am troubled by Phil Scott’s misunderstanding of the way Vermont’s health care system and our budgets work.