Don Keelan: A moratorium on Trump reporting

Accepting the press to monopolize its focus on Washington and not what saps us at home is a disservice.

Holly Groschner: Investing in the future of Vermont PBS

The proposed defunding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting could eliminate Vermont PBS’s critical operational funds and core programs, threatening the future development of Vermont PBS.

Lee Russ: The short trip from corporate propaganda to ‘fake news’

In a country where fundamentally irrational ideas have been pushed hard and pushed incessantly for over 40 years, how are people to suddenly recognize that a new class of irrational ideas is irrational?

Bill shielding journalists’ sources gets strong Senate backing

Lawmakers said information provided by whistleblowers and confidential sources has been critical in exposing wrongdoing and that the proposal is designed to prevent retaliation.

Dave Gram: Why Vermont needs a shield law for journalists

A shield law would go a long way toward ensuring that independence is protected and preserved.

Jim Condos: Let the sun shine in

As trustees and servants of the people, it’s our job as officers of the government to let the sun shine in – to let the people see what we are doing on their behalf.

Stephen Terry: Will Trump follow Nixon?

The events leading up to the resignation of Richard Nixon have come rushing back to me as Donald Trump faces questions of his fitness for the presidency.

Barrie Dunsmore: What is Donald Trump really up to?

It can be argued that Trump has already begun to expand his power grab, by repeatedly attempting to undermine the credibility of the three institutions which have the capacity to put the brakes on his ambitions – the judiciary, the intelligence community and the news media.

Bill seeks more freedom for student press

“If we’re going to actually teach civil discourse in our schools, we need to be allowing students to express themselves,” said Sen. Jeanette White, D-Windham, the bill’s sponsor.

Middlebury Conference Will Explore Media & Minorities in the West

News Release — Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs January 10, 2017 Contact: Aviva Shwayder 802-443-5652 [email protected] MIDDLEBURY, Vt. – The media plays a powerful role in shaping and reflecting societal attitudes and opinions toward minority groups. Coverage of minorities in recent high-profile events has invigorated public scrutiny of how minority groups are framed in the […]

Greg Guma: Rendezvous with uncertainty

In post-modern society, self-promotion is the ultimate form of work. It’s a state of affairs that, as we have just witnessed, can catapult a celebrity into power.

Stuart Graves: Media, culture and freedom

Independently of the explicit problem of money purchasing media for propaganda purposes, the media remains unwittingly complicit in maintaining our culture.

Bill Schubart: The truth about fake news

Walter Cronkite has been replaced by an infinite buffet of news choices with varying degrees of truth and comfort all protected by the First Amendment.

New publisher named for Bennington, Brattleboro papers

Alan English most recently served as president and publisher of The Shreveport Times in Louisiana, following a stint as its general manager and executive editor.