School officials plead not guilty in Danville abuse-notification case

A school superintendent and Danville School’s principal were arraigned Monday morning in Caledonia Superior Court. Martha Tucker, 58, of Montpelier, superintendent of Caledonia Central Supervisory Union, and Noah Noyes, 30, Hyde Park, principal in Danville, pleaded not guilty to charges stemming from an allegation of inapproriate touching by a Danville teacher. Vermont State Police have […]

Danville School Board expresses support for principal cited for failure to report abuse

(Editor’s note: This story was written by Todd Wellington of The Caledonian-Record, which first published it July 10, 2013.) The Danville School Board voted 4-0 Tuesday night to express support for principal Noah Noyes who was criminally cited by the Vermont State Police Monday along with CCSU Superintendent Martha Tucker for failing to report an […]

Danville school officials face criminal charges, accused of failure to report alleged inappropriate contact between student, teacher

Editor’s note: This story is by Todd Wellington, a staff writer at the Caledonian-Record, where it was first published July 9,  2013. The Danville School principal and Caledonia Central Supervisory Union superintendent are facing criminal charges after being accused of failing to report an allegation of inappropriate contact between a male teacher and a female […]