Jim Condos

Jim Condos: Let the sun shine in

As trustees and servants of the people, it’s our job as officers of the government to let the sun shine in – to let the people see what we are doing on their behalf.

UPDATED: Recount called off, Frenier retains House seat

A clerk had previously opened a ballot bag, which state law allows. But the rules for the recount said it would be called off if a bag had been “tampered with.”

Condos advises towns to go ahead with school budget warnings

Gov. Phil Scott has asked lawmakers to adopt a new date for school budget votes — May 23 — to give boards more time to level fund budgets.

Secretary of State Jim Condos’s Statement on Voter Fraud Claims by President Trump

News Release — Secretary of State Jim Condos January 25, 2017 Contact: Eric Covey Vermont Secretary of State’s Office 802.828.2148 www.sec.state.vt.us Montpelier – Secretary of State Jim Condos issues the following statement in response to continued assertions by President Trump that 3 – 5 million people voted illegally in the November elections: As the chief […]

League of Women Voters Applauds Formation of Campaign Finance Committee

News Release — League of Women Voters January 24, 2017 Contact: Sonja Schuyler 802-899-3657 [email protected] www.LWVofVT.org The League of Women Voters of Vermont applauds Secretary of State Condos and Attorney General Donavon for forming the Committee on Campaign Finance, Education, Compliance, and Reform. While the League would like to see Citizens United overturned, we also […]

Condos, Donovan tackle campaign finance together

They have formed a committee to look for ways to reduce confusion, boost compliance and suggest any needed changes to laws and rules. The goal is “not to replace Citizens United but to coexist with it.”

Jim Condos: Independent ethics commission is still needed

The key to our democracy is the public’s access to open and transparent government.

Margolis: We need both good behavior and ‘bad government’

The debate over an ethics commission rightly comes down to appearances.

Secretary of State Jim Condos Statement on DHS Designating Elections Systems as ‘Critical Infrastructure’

News Release — Secretary of State Jim Condos January 17, 2017 Contact: Eric Covey 802-828-2148 Montpelier – Protecting election integrity and security is one of my most important duties of the Secretary of State. It’s a sacred responsibility and is something I take seriously. This includes cybersecurity. My office has been taking steps to prepare […]

Ashe argues for starting with ‘achievable’ ethics commission

The Senate president said it made more sense to set up a smaller system than what Secretary of State Jim Condos proposed, then expand its scope if needed.

Secretary of State Jim Condos Announces Implementation of Election Day Voter Registration

News Release — Secretary of State Jim Condos January 9, 2017 Contact: Eric Covey, 802-828-2148 Montpelier – Secretary of State Jim Condos announces that eligible Vermont voters are now able to register to vote on any day up to and including Election Day. As of January 1, 2017 Act No. 44 (S. 29) An act […]

Shumlin records taken to archive

Documents withheld from public review include the governor’s calendar, daily briefing materials, “substantive” correspondence of staff and EB-5 records.

Condos rejects challenge to House member over recount

The leader of the House Progressive caucus sought to block Bob Frenier from being seated because his election is in dispute.

Secretary of State Jim Condos Attends the 2016 Pew Charitable Trusts ‘Voting in America’ Conference

News Release — Secretary of State Jim Condos December 8, 2016 Contact: Liz Ryder, 802-828-2148 Montpelier –Secretary of State Jim Condos traveled to Washington, DC to attend the Pew Charitable Trusts’ Voting in America Summit. The event brought together Secretaries, academics, advocates, campaigns, and administrators in the elections field to discuss the evolution of voting […]