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Receiver seeks to refund nearly $18M to AnC Bio investors

The move could enable about 35 investors to look for another EB-5 project in hopes of still getting a green card, the motion says. More than 100 other investors wouldn’t be affected.

Landlord: Quiros owes $86,721 in back rent for Florida eatery

A Florida shopping center that says Ariel Quiros owes $86,721 in back rent for his now-shuttered Key Biscayne restaurant has received approval to throw him out. Quiros, facing state and federal investor fraud lawsuits stemming from developments at Jay Peak Resort in Vermont, did not contest the move to clear out his leased space in […]

Unsealed Douglas documents show belief in Stenger’s vision

Memos from Douglas’ commerce agency reveal mostly positive views about the massive expansion of Jay Peak and other projects. “Looking back, more (oversight) would have been better,” he says in hindsight.

Federal rule change may aid EB-5 investors in limbo

The rule change would allow the defrauded Jay Peak investors to recoup money through the sale of assets, settlements, or other litigation and reinvest in another qualified EB-5 project.

Settlements in EB-5 case leave Quiros standing alone

The latest judgments are against a slew of corporate and relief entities. The latter received “ill-gotten gains” but didn’t necessarily take actions that led to the SEC’s fraud allegations.

Judge OK’s payment option for unpaid EB-5 contractors, subcontractors

Contractors can opt for 33 percent of what they are owed and hope for future proceeds when the properties sell. Or they can take a onetime 60 percent payment now of their total bill.

EB-5 investors seek class-action certification

The lead plaintiff in the case is Alexander Daccache, of Brazil. More than 800 others could become eligible to join the suit against developers Ariel Quiros and Bill Stenger.

One EB-5 investor’s story: Too little, and maybe too late

Minggan Wei is trying to find a way to stay in the United States.

Editor’s top story picks for 2016

Bernie Sanders bid for president, EB-5 scandal, Phil Scott’s election fall in the top three.

Quiros fights on, others look to settle in SEC case

One of the defendants, a longtime business associate of Quiros’ who runs an entity embroiled in the case, appears to be settling with the SEC.

ICYMI: Special report shows troubles at AnC Bio Vermont started in Korea

The CEO of a Korean sister company is accused of embezzling $10 million.

Top reader picks for 2016

The most read VTDigger stories in 2016, as determined by Google.

Jay Peak: Tram passes inspection

“The Tram has passed inspection and will run at some point this weekend,” Steve Wright, the resort’s general manager, wrote in an email late Friday afternoon.

Goldberg: Jay taxes to be paid, over time

A onetime 8 percent late payment penalty has been added to that bill, totaling $164,159.