independent contractors

Legislative preview: Rural development initiatives, independent contractor bill top economic development list

Lawmakers will also consider legislation that would require all businesses to provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave and short-term disability coverage to employees.

Mary Hooper: Finding the right balance

The House Committee on Commerce has worked for two years to find the balance between people who really are independent businesses and those who really are employees.

Advocates set sights on further steps to boost workers

Members and allies of the advocacy group Rights & Democracy convened at the Statehouse on Wednesday to praise the Legislature’s passage of paid family sick leave legislation and demand that more be done to raise living standards for working people. Pointing to Bernie Sanders’ blowout win in last week’s Vermont presidential primary, advocates argued that […]

Heidi Scheuermann: New kind of independent workforce requires new laws

We must ensure that we protect the traditional workforce and employer and employee relationships and protections, while at the same time encourage and grow this new, independent workforce and sharing economy.