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Gun control group says remembrance is key to reform

A Gun Sense Vermont vigil honors the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting and others, while the group continues its push to broaden the reach of Vermont’s gun laws.

Firearms Owners and Gun Rights Advocates Respond to VPR Poll

For Immediate Release — Vermont Traditions Coalition & Gun Owners of Vermont October 21 , 2016 Contacts: William Moore, Firearms Policy Analyst Vermont Traditions Coalition 802-888-9390 Ed Cutler, President Gun Owners of Vermont 802-463-9026 Chris Bradley, President Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs 802-485-6818 Response to Vermont Public Radio polling released October 19, 2016 – why […]

John Klar: So you think background checks are OK?

The federal government (the Ninth Circuit) has ruled that the federal government (the ATF) can prohibit people from owning guns if they use a medicine called cannabis.

Talking civilly about ‘Guns in Our Community’

A public discussion tied to the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center’s current “Up in Arms” exhibit aims to help Vermont gun owners, police and the public find common ground.

Statement by Sue Minter on the 10 Year Anniversary of the Essex School Shooting

News Release — Sue Minter for Vermont August 24, 2016 Contact: Alex Showerman, [email protected], (802) 585-1264 My heart goes out to the families of Alicia Shanks and Linda Lambesis, who we tragically lost 10 years ago today when an angry ex-boyfriend went on a shooting rampage in Essex. But thoughts and prayers are not enough. […]

Democrats to push for universal background checks this legislative session

Following the Orlando nightclub shooting in June, the Vermont Democratic Party vowed to fight harder for gun control measures and added the topic to its official party platform.

John Klar: Hunting for the Second Amendment

If you believe I do not need a semi-automatic rifle to hunt, you are correct – I don’t. But I do need it for the purpose specifically intended by the Constitution, which is the defense of my home and to stand against a tyrannical government.

Rally for gun control draws crowd on Statehouse lawn

Six Democratic candidates for governor and lieutenant governor spoke, calling for background checks for all gun sales.

Minter says gun control is top priority

If elected, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate says she will lead a push to establish universal background checks for all gun sales in Vermont.

Walt Amses: Dallas destroys NRA ‘good guy’ fantasy

Dallas should put to rest the theory that arming the country is a logical way to end confrontations with the cowboy fantasy of “taking out” the shooter.

John McClaughry: Gun control ideas that won’t work

The Democrats’ legislative demands either flagrantly violate the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens or are hopelessly ineffective and unenforceable against would-be terrorists and mass murderers.

Manganiello & Thomas: Developing a safe gun culture

What lessons can be learned from the Orlando shooting and what responses taken?

Welch, Leahy, Sanders join protest for action on gun control

The participation in the sit-in was the latest of several steps by members of Vermont’s delegation to press for action on gun control since the massacre in Orlando.

Vermont senators support two gun control measures, oppose two

The votes came the week after Sen. Patrick Leahy joined a filibuster demanding that the Republican leadership allow floor votes on gun control-related amendments to an appropriations bill. Sen. Bernie Sanders returned to the Capitol last week ahead of the votes.