Green Mountain Care

Ellen Schwartz: Time to implement Green Mountain Care

Finishing the work of establishing universal health care in Vermont is the most effective resistance we can offer to the current administration in Washington.

Lee Russ: The health care status quo

What exactly is it that the opponents of Green Mountain Care are so happy about?

Advocate says ACA could pave the way for state single payer program

Vermont Leads predicts that support will grow for a publicly financed health care program as high out-of-pocket costs, a tax on “Cadillac” health plans, and less generous benefits from employers become realities under the Affordable Care Act.

Willem Post: The problem with an all-payer waiver

It would be presumptuous for state and Green Mountain Care bureaucrats to claim they could produce significant savings by managing $2.75 billion of Medicare and Medicare funds more efficiently than the federal government, which has been doing it for at least 40 years!

Peter Sterling: Moving forward on health care reform

Without a universal system, it is going to be nearly impossible to make sure people can actually afford the care they need, when they need it while truly reining in the rising cost of health care.

Willem Post: Vermonters can’t afford single-payer

No wonder Democrats waited until after the elections to release the single-payer bombshell onto Vermont’s already struggling households and businesses.

Jim Masland: Health care reform can’t wait

The first order of business for the new Legislature is to develop the financing that will make Green Mountain Care work. It will not be easy by any means.

Special report: Emails show Shumlin administration down to the wire on single-payer financing

Internal memos raise questions about Gruber contract, governor’s use of executive privilege, conflicts of interest and 2017 start date.

Health care advocates push for ‘equity’ in single-payer financing

Shumlin has not yet released details of his health care financing plan, but the administration affirmed that it will likely include an employer payroll and income tax. The idea of a flat employer payroll tax has raised concerns among those who want health care services to be administered as a public good.

Reactions to details of single payer finance plan

Business owners, lawmaker, economist and advocates weigh on a report that Gov. Peter Shumlin plans to finance universal health care with payroll and income taxes that will dramatically shift the cost of health care.

John Franco: ‘Now, now and now’

Now presents the best historic opportunity we have ever had to achieve universal health insurance coverage.

Robert S. Emmons: Green Mountain Care – rationing by any other name

If Green Mountain Care is implemented as planned under Act 48, then the pressure to restrain taxes today is inexorably linked to bad clinical outcomes in years to come.

Stephanie Hainley: Green Mountain Care will benefit women

Vermont has a special opportunity to achieve the equality that is missing here and throughout the nation.

Scott Woodward: ERISA employers the linchpin for Green Mountain Care

Federal law generally pre-empts state government from directly compelling ERISA employers to participate in schemes such as Green Mountain Care and, absent some indirect stick or carrot, there is little the state can do.