green card

Hinesburg school tries to help student over immigration status

Officials say the youth, a refugee, would need a green card and other documentation to go on the annual class trip to Montreal.

A sense of betrayal: EB-5 investors go public

A group of investors in the Tram Haus project at Jay Peak goes on the record to protest what they say is a lack of openness by developer Bill Stenger. An outside audit won’t be allowed unless investors promise to keep it secret, Stenger says.

VTDigger exclusive: State pulls plug on EB-5 project

Officials say “material misrepresentations” made by DreamLife Retirement Resorts, LLC, eroded the state’s confidence in the projects.

Governor travels to Miami to court EB-5 investors

Shumlin’s two days in Florida could net about $25 million to $50 million in total future investment for Stenger’s Northeast Kingdom projects.

Stenger hires MacLean to oversee investor recruitment and relations for Northeast Kingdom EB-5 projects

Alex MacLean, two-time campaign manager and longtime top aide to Gov. Peter Shumlin, will help manage a vast economic development project slated for the Northeast Kingdom. Bill Stenger — co-owner of Jay Peak and the architect of the initiative — expects the project will cost more than $800 million and create 10,000 jobs. Gov. Shumlin […]

Sham green card marriages easy to arrange in the United States

“The ringleaders tell people, ‘You probably won’t get caught, and if you do, all that’s going to happen is they’ll sort of wag their finger at you,’” said Dan Lane, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigator.

Brattleboro became a “wedding destination” for green card scam

Bratteboro may have become wedding central for the scam because of Vermont’s relaxed marriage license laws: No waiting period is required, nor do the applicants need to show any proof of their identities or where they live.