George Cross

George Cross: Refugees will make us stronger

Vermont is a welcoming place. Inviting refugee families to our communities is not only logical, it is humane.

George Cross: Smarter? Balanced? Proficient?

The political-educational community has decided to join the industrial-military complex to find additional and more expensive ways to spend taxpayers’ money.

Cross: In claims and counter-claims, Air Force is worth listening to

It seems reasonable that the Air Force is the most knowledgeable about the F-35 proposed for Burlington’s airport. So why are supporters ignoring the Air Force’s own statements on the issue?

House rejects F-35 amendment

As predicted, two legislative proposals that would have addressed the basing of F-35s in Burlington failed in the House by overwhelming margins. Rep. George Cross’ two proposals amended the omnibus military affairs bill. The first amendment asked that the state be removed from the first round of basing decisions for the F-35 by the Air […]

Winooski representative to bring F-35 fight to House floor

“All it says is: Let’s wait until the next round. Let’s wait until we have more information about what this plane is, and what it is not,” said Rep. George Cross.

Lawmakers want Legislature to weigh in on F-35 basing decision

Two rival resolutions on bringing F-35 fighter jets to South Burlington landed in the Vermont House within a day of one another.

Cross: Three easy steps

It is not up to the local citizens to prove that this plane should not be here. It is required that the military/industrial complex and the politicians prove that it is compatible with our state.

Cross: School spending in Vermont

A per pupil cost of $14,861 is still a high cost.

Cross: Governor’s emphasis on UVM misplaced

To stimulate improvements in return on investment in higher education one has to go where the students are — the Vermont State Colleges system.

Cross: Education Challenges, the realities

At least three recent commissioners of the Department of Education in Vermont have identified the poverty gap as an ongoing, unsolved problem.