Elayne Clift

Elayne Clift: America’s changing economy — from shophouse to strip mall

My father, a haberdasher, owned a small, narrow store on Broad Street in the New Jersey town where I spent my childhood.

Elayne Clift: America’s assault on its antiquities

With the stroke of his pen, the president opened the way to drilling, mining and other development on federal lands and monuments.

Elayne Clift: Immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers and the myths of migration

What isn’t emphasized enough perhaps is the crucial role immigration has played in the story of America.

Elayne Clift: America’s rural health care crisis grows

Disparities in access to health care for people who live in rural areas of America continue to widen.

Elayne Clift: The power of women’s truth-telling

It wasn’t just the withdrawal of sponsorship by major companies that brought Mr. O’Reilly down. It was women telling their stories, women supporting them, women advocating for them.

Elayne Clift: Heading for the abyss

I’m afraid because I can see truth dying in this country and because I think the freedoms we take for granted will be next.

Elayne Clift: What does the future hold for America’s middle class?

Neal Gabler’s in-depth article offered plenty of facts and figures that confirmed the financial brink so many families are living on.

Elayne Clift: Resisting recklessness in the new administration

This is no time for complacency, no time to normalize our threatened future, no time to be too tired to act. It is, however, time to resist.

Elayne Clift: Cuba, Castro and an uncertain future

A complex history, the politics of reform, and economic reality come together in this island country once dominated by Spain and America and then ruled by the revolutionary Fidel Castro, challenging visitors like us to make sense of it all.

Elayne Clift: When acceptance is not a virtue

Why are we being so passive in the face of the impending disaster of the Trump presidency?

Elayne Clift: How will the patriarchy survive strong women?

It will take still longer for some men to accept the idea that qualified women in leadership roles do not threaten male identity.

Elayne Clift: Reflections on an election gone wrong

We will not allow a new government to destroy who we are as a diverse and dignified nation.

Elayne Clift: Women and disability

Women with disabilities often have to fight against two forms of discrimination, one related to disability, the other to gender.

Elayne Clift: The archetypal journey of Hillary Rodham Clinton

In Hillary, we have a new female archetype – a warrior woman equal to, and in this case surpassing, her male counterpart.