education funding

Some worry school funding problems being kicked down road

“I am concerned this sets up an increase in taxes next year, but that ship has sailed,” said Rep. Cynthia Browning, D-Arlington.

Scott appeals to voters to keep school spending in line

The governor told residents to vote down their local school budgets if the amount is excessive, but he stopped short of calling for a blanket rejection.

McQuesten, Valsangiacomo & Dion: Governor on the right track

Scott has made a responsible proposal to untie the expensive Gordian knot of Vermont’s education funding system.

Analysts doubt Scott education plan can deliver

“If schools make the cuts the governor has asked for, Vermont homeowners won’t see lower taxes,” according to Paul Cillo, an architect of the education fund.

Request to delay school budget votes fares no better in House

The administration — already rebuffed by a Senate panel — wanted to focus on that aspect of the governor’s education proposal. But House committee members raised broad issues with the overall plan.

Lawmakers say holes in Scott plan likely to sink it

House Ways and Means identified issues with the timing and constitutionality of the education overhaul, while the tax commissioner acknowledged a major financial gap.

Margolis: The political calculus behind Scott’s new math

It’s not yet clear if the numbers in the governor’s bold plan for education spending add up, but they do count for something.

Governor’s ‘radical’ education plan takes many by surprise

The Phil Scott who laid out an ambitious overhaul of the state’s school funding was not the same one many voters and Montpelier colleagues had grown accustomed to as lieutenant governor and a state senator.

Pilot project holds out hope for big gains by struggling students

A Boston consulting firm and its former clients in Vermont say its approach can yield better student achievement for less money. The firm says it has worked with more than 100 school districts in 35 states.

Wilmington officials blame state for high property taxes

Wilmington’s local tax rate went up 2 percent. But with the state’s education rate, residential rates were going up 14 percent and nonresidential rates 6 percent.

Rob Roper: Study will provide cover for higher property taxes

Tucked away in the education bill just passed in Montpelier – the one that has everybody talking about consolidation – is $300,000 earmarked for a study.

William Mathis: Caring about our neighbors

While education bestows many benefits upon the individual, the genius of public education is in what it gives to all of society.

John McClaughry: Shumlin’s budget – more centralized government

The governor declared that “tax raising won’t work” to solve the deficit. Before he was done, however, he was back into tax raising.

Shumlin proposes a timeout in current use program

A three-year break in new enrollments in the popular land use program would boost education fund, administration says.