Elayne Clift: America’s changing economy — from shophouse to strip mall

My father, a haberdasher, owned a small, narrow store on Broad Street in the New Jersey town where I spent my childhood.

Don Keelan: Where have all the plumbers gone?

There are not enough young people willing or able to enter into the apprenticeship programs required to become master electricians, plumbers, carpenters and welders.

Stephen Terry: Achieving Vermont’s economic future

One thing is very clear: to achieve this economic future we cannot rely solely on new state policy mandated from the top down.

Green Mountain Secure Retirement: A Boost to Vermont’s Small Business Economy

News Release — Main Street Alliance June 8, 2017 Contact: Kaycie Miltenberger [email protected] 802-585-6242 Green Mountain Secure Retirement: A Boost to Vermont’s Small Business Economy WHITE RIVER JUNCTION, VT – Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed a bill into law that creates a state-administered public retirement program (S.135). The law sets up a multiple employer program […]

Margolis: ‘Affordable’ Vermont? That would be Kentucky

A new data analysis ranks Vermont the 10th “best” state, based largely on some big-ticket items: public safety, health care and education.

John Bauer: Use cash, not cards

It did not take long for banks to realize that a lot of money could be made with being the middleman in everyday transactions with debit and credit cards.

Joseph Gainza: Together toward a greater American Dream

People born in 1950 and subsequent generations have experienced a steady decline in the percentage of those who were economically better off than their parents.

Welch helps highlight ripple effect of local holiday shopping

Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility says each dollar spent at a locally owned store puts 45 cents into the local economy. Welch and others said buying local also benefits shoppers.

Vermont Business Roundtable and Economic & Policy Resources 4th Quarter 2016 Business Conditions Survey Results Show Neutral Outlook

News Release — Vermont Business Roundtable November 17, 2016 Contacts: Lisa Ventriss, President, Vermont Business Roundtable (802) 865-0410 [email protected] Jeffrey Carr, President, Economic & Policy Resources (800) 765-1377 [email protected] (South Burlington, Vt.) Today, Lisa Ventriss, President of Vermont Business Roundtable (VBR) and Jeffrey Carr, President, Economic & Policy Resources (EPR), announced the Q4 2016 outlook […]

Gov.-elect vows to seek common ground while pursuing economic agenda

Scott said he was not completely surprised by the election of Donald Trump as president and vowed to work with him.

Tom Pelham: Bleeding edge vs. leading edge government

There will be another recession in Vermont’s future and rather than prepare for it, our Statehouse leaders have created a state government spending “bubble” that will certainly implode when the next recession hits.

John Moran: Now is the time for fairness for workers

Realizing that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with inadequate resources are not possible, for us not to legislate a living income for all Vermonters is political negligence.

George Lakey to Speak in Vermont During New Economy Week

News Release — Vermonters for a New Economy Oct. 3, 2016 Contact: [email protected] George Lakey will be coming to Vermont between October 11th and 17th to talk about his landmark book, “Viking Economics — How the Scandanvians Got It Right — and How We Can, Too,” about the Scandanavian economies. The book describes how the […]

VDP: Clean Energy Sector Glaringly Absent from Phil Scott’s Econ Plan

News Release — Vermont Democratic Party Sept. 20, 2016 Contact: Christina Amestoy, VDP Communications Director (802) 448-4239 [email protected] Burlington, VT Last Thursday, Phil Scott rolled out an economic plan riddled with holes. One of the most glaring omissions was that of policies supporting Vermont’s growing clean energy sector. When asked if he could elaborate to […]