Rulings are mixed bag for ex-Rutland attorney in hit and run

Christopher Sullivan failed in his bid to have a different judge preside over his new sentencing. But his lawyer managed to expand the scope of evidence he can present.

Move to disqualify judge delays sentencing for fatal hit-and-run

Christopher Sullivan’s public defender wants Judge Theresa DiMauro removed, arguing that her comments in an earlier hearing indicate she has already prejudged the matter.

Ex-city attorney free on $500,000 bail in fatal hit-and-run case

If Christopher Sullivan, a former attorney for the city of Rutland, were to flee before his new sentencing hearing June 29, his wife could be on the hook for the full bail amount.

Former Rutland attorney in fatal crash case to remain jailed

Christopher Sullivan lost a bid for home detention while he awaits resentencing. The judge also said that hearing will be narrowly focused; the defense wants more scope for its arguments.

Judge won’t dismiss on-duty DUI case against former trooper

The decision sets up a second trial. “Dismissing the case after only one hung jury could have a very real impact on public confidence in the judicial system,” the judge wrote.

SCOV Law Blog: Blame it on geography

Breath analysis equipment is few and far between in the northeasternmost part of the Northeast Kingdom. So a trooper requests a blood test from a DUI suspect; she refuses and moves to suppress her refusal. The trial court agrees, but the State appeals.

SCOV Law Blog: DUI challenged on probable cause, evidence grounds

A man appeals a DUI charge, arguing that the arrest was without probable cause. He also moved to suppress a police-administered breath test because the trooper deterred him from getting an independent test.

After Supreme Court nomination, Carroll reflects on her career

“I so loved working on (the DUI Treatment court in Windsor) because it was the only real chance I’d had in my career as a judge to work with people on such an intimate level,” she says.

SCOV Law Blog: Reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop

A woman who is stopped by a Richmond police officer appeals her DWI conviction on the grounds that the officer did not have a reasonable basis to pull her over, and that the evidence against her should have been suppressed.

Lessons from Colorado: DUI enforcement proves a challenge

Road safety is a concern with marijuana legalization. The numbers so far show a slight increase in DUI, although gaps in data collection leave questions.

SCOV Law Blog: Over the centerline

A driver says he drove over the centerline in an attempt get away from the reflection from the lights of a vehicle behind him. A trooper stops him, and subsequently cites him for DUI.

SCOV Law Blog: Challenging the government’s say-so

A woman who gets a license suspension for DUI contends that the State must submit the “ticket” from the breath test as scientific evidence for her conviction, but the trial court says the police affidavit with the .0158 BAC is sufficient.

House approves roadside saliva testing, but Senate may resist

The House approved a measure Wednesday that would empower law enforcement to use saliva testing for drugs during roadside stops. The provision, which the House added to S.225, a 42-page omnibus bill on motor vehicles, also sets a 0.05 percent limit for blood alcohol content if a driver is found to have a certain threshold […]

House panel explores roadside saliva testing

The technology would use samples from drivers to screen for marijuana, opiates and other substances.