Don Turner

Don Turner: 2018 budget a step in the right direction

The improved structural integrity of this budget calls for much celebration. However, we should not forget that a one-year budget cannot and will not fix the overspending trend that has plagued Vermont for the past several years

House approves $5.8 billion budget in near-unanimous vote

The fiscal plan does not raise any new taxes or fees. Democrats said it was crafted with expected federal cuts in mind, while Republicans credited the governor’s leadership.

Prospects for marijuana legalization dim

House lawmakers missed the deadline for a bill that would legalize pot possession. Now the future of the legislation is unclear.

PODCAST: Republicans split on Gov. Scott’s immigration proposal

Senate Republicans unanimously backed Gov. Scott, while House Republicans appear split on the immigration bill the governor is supporting.

Teo Zagar: How can House Republicans stand with Trump on immigration?

Rep. Don Turner refuses to join tri-partisan leaders standing together to make it clear that Vermont will not allow our law enforcement officers to enforce Trump’s immigration policies.

Don Turner: Governor’s pragmatic budget will achieve critical reform

If legislators are serious about turning Vermont’s poor economic outlook around, then we must be open to making difficult but necessary choices together.

House recount could hurt GOP’s ability to sustain veto

Town clerks group says legislative recount will ‘cast doubt on the integrity of elections in the future.”

Environmental legislative preview: Lake cleanup and carbon tax

Leaders say they’ll pursue reduction of phosphorus pollution in Lake Champlain even though the state doesn’t know how much the Trump administration may help.

Legislative preview: Rural development initiatives, independent contractor bill top economic development list

Lawmakers will also consider legislation that would require all businesses to provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave and short-term disability coverage to employees.

Fire departments struggle to pay new ambulance tax

The Alburgh Fire Department owes $3,000, but in the most recent fiscal year when data is available, took a $77,000 loss.

Senate GOP leader joins challenge to Shumlin high court pick

Because senators confirm judicial appointees, Minority Leader Joe Benning says he has more standing to intercede in the naming of a new Supreme Court justice.

Republican leader challenges Shumlin on Supreme Court pick

House Minority Leader Don Turner’s filing questions whether there is a vacancy on the court to be filled, given that Justice John Dooley plans to serve through March.

House GOP nominates Myers for speaker

Republicans, emboldened by Republican Phil Scott’s easy victory to the office of governor, are hoping for a Myers victory.

House Republican Leader Disappointed with GMCB All-Payer Vote and Non-Inclusive Public Process

News Release — Rep. Don Turner October 26, 2016 Contact: Rep. Don Turner 802-373-5960 Milton, Vt. – On Wednesday, the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) voted to approve the experimental all-payer waiver agreement. Gov. Shumlin will sign the All-Payer Model (APM) into law on Thursday, once again overhauling the state’s healthcare system. Expressing a lack […]