Don Turner

Marijuana legalization falters in the House

The legislation swiftly passed the Senate, but House lawmakers didn’t agree to suspend parliamentary rules so they could take it up in Wednesday’s brief veto session.

Pot compromise to come up in veto session, but prospects dim

Neither the governor nor the House minority leader showed any inclination to pressure Republicans to allow a rules suspension that would be needed to push a bill through the planned brief veto session.

UPDATED: Deal reached in effort to end veto stalemate

“I think we have a strong compromise that everybody will be able to say yes to,” said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson. The issue was how to find savings on teacher health benefits.

UPDATED: Scott vetoes pot legalization, but says he’s open to compromise

He said the legislation does not sufficiently address his concerns about driving safety, youth access and more. But he suggested he might accept a revised version.

Don Turner: Statewide teachers’ health plan a rare opportunity

Last week, a broad and bipartisan coalition of 52 Republicans, 16 Democrats, and six independents came together in support of the governor’s plan.

House Dems run amok?

House Speaker Mitzi Johnson says the Statehouse should be democratic; arm twisting isn’t her style.

House goes down to the wire on teacher health benefit contract

Republicans say they will refuse to suspend the rules if House Speaker Mitzi Johnson doesn’t agree to allow debate on the school tax bill.

House coalition pushes for debate on statewide teacher health care contract proposal

A group of House Republicans, independents and blue dog Democrats support Gov. Phil Scott’s plan to absorb one-time teacher health care savings of $26 million.

Don Turner: 2018 budget a step in the right direction

The improved structural integrity of this budget calls for much celebration. However, we should not forget that a one-year budget cannot and will not fix the overspending trend that has plagued Vermont for the past several years

House approves $5.8 billion budget in near-unanimous vote

The fiscal plan does not raise any new taxes or fees. Democrats said it was crafted with expected federal cuts in mind, while Republicans credited the governor’s leadership.

Prospects for marijuana legalization dim

House lawmakers missed the deadline for a bill that would legalize pot possession. Now the future of the legislation is unclear.

PODCAST: Republicans split on Gov. Scott’s immigration proposal

Senate Republicans unanimously backed Gov. Scott, while House Republicans appear split on the immigration bill the governor is supporting.

Teo Zagar: How can House Republicans stand with Trump on immigration?

Rep. Don Turner refuses to join tri-partisan leaders standing together to make it clear that Vermont will not allow our law enforcement officers to enforce Trump’s immigration policies.

Don Turner: Governor’s pragmatic budget will achieve critical reform

If legislators are serious about turning Vermont’s poor economic outlook around, then we must be open to making difficult but necessary choices together.