Don Turner

Environmental legislative preview: Lake cleanup and carbon tax

Leaders say they’ll pursue reduction of phosphorus pollution in Lake Champlain even though the state doesn’t know how much the Trump administration may help.

Legislative preview: Rural development initiatives, independent contractor bill top economic development list

Lawmakers will also consider legislation that would require all businesses to provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave and short-term disability coverage to employees.

Fire departments struggle to pay new ambulance tax

The Alburgh Fire Department owes $3,000, but in the most recent fiscal year when data is available, took a $77,000 loss.

Senate GOP leader joins challenge to Shumlin high court pick

Because senators confirm judicial appointees, Minority Leader Joe Benning says he has more standing to intercede in the naming of a new Supreme Court justice.

Republican leader challenges Shumlin on Supreme Court pick

House Minority Leader Don Turner’s filing questions whether there is a vacancy on the court to be filled, given that Justice John Dooley plans to serve through March.

House GOP nominates Myers for speaker

Republicans, emboldened by Republican Phil Scott’s easy victory to the office of governor, are hoping for a Myers victory.

House Republican Leader Disappointed with GMCB All-Payer Vote and Non-Inclusive Public Process

News Release — Rep. Don Turner October 26, 2016 Contact: Rep. Don Turner 802-373-5960 Milton, Vt. – On Wednesday, the Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) voted to approve the experimental all-payer waiver agreement. Gov. Shumlin will sign the All-Payer Model (APM) into law on Thursday, once again overhauling the state’s healthcare system. Expressing a lack […]

Republican Leader Seeks Assurances for Vermonters as GMCB Warns Vote on All-Payer Model

News Release — Rep. Don Turner October 25, 2016 Contact: Rep. Don Turner 802-373-5960 Despite Insufficient Public Process, Uncertain Outcomes and Risk Variables Milton, Vt. – The Green Mountain Care Board (GMCB) could vote on implementing the proposed All-Payer Model (APM) this week. In a letter to GMCB Chairman Al Gobeille, House Republican Leader Don […]

House minority leader calls for break up of Chittenden County senate district

“We have six senators and I do not believe any of them represent the majority of people in this community.”

Turner: Gov. Shumlin’s Haste to Implement ‘All Payer Waiver’ Raises Serious Concerns

News Release — Don Turner September 28, 2016 Contact: Rep. Don Turner 802-373-5960 Milton, Vt. – On Wednesday September 14, Gov. Shumlin traveled to Washington, D.C. to finalize negotiations regarding an “all-payer waiver” from the federal government. The forthcoming decision, if approved and implemented, would fundamentally alter the healthcare system in Vermont by replacing the […]

Turner: 2017 Revenue Downgrade Emphasizes Vermont’s Overspending Crisis

News Release — Rep. Don Turner July 22, 2016 Contact: Rep. Don Turner 802-373-5960 Montpelier, Vt. – On Thursday, following reports from state economists that next year’s overall state revenue would fail to meet the initial prediction by $28 million, the Shumlin Administration announced a revenue downgrade for Vermont in 2017. The revised revenue growth […]

Don Turner: Veto session exemplifies six years of single party rule

I am deeply disappointed that the governor and Speaker Smith chose to trade political favors instead of attending to the genuine concerns of Vermonters.

Don Turner: House GOP urges Dems to say yes again to energy siting bill

This issue has been politicized as a conflict between those who promote renewable energy and those who do not. This is simply not true.

House Republican leader says he’ll block changes to renewable energy siting bill

House minority leader Don Turner says lawmakers should leave the bill as is and override the governor’s veto.