Dick Mazza

Five face indictments in Colchester drug ring

The owner of Almighty Peaks Painting told a DEA agent that he started selling heroin because so many of his employees used the drug, “it was an easy way to pay them.”

Feds make big heroin bust at Colchester business

The landlord for the property, Sen. Richard Mazza, said he was “devastated” by the news and the implications that he should have known more.

Tim Ashe: The pragmatic Progressive takes Senate helm

Insiders say Ashe may become the bridge between a Republican governor, a Progressive, Democratic lieutenant governor and a Democratic majority Legislature.

Ashe to be Senate President Pro Tem

Sen. Claire Ayer lost bid to the top slot and a seat as “third member” of the Committee on Committees.

Lawmakers gear up for transportation cuts

The Transportation Agency has recommended $2.8 million in reductions after a revenue downgrade.

House approves roadside saliva testing, but Senate may resist

The House approved a measure Wednesday that would empower law enforcement to use saliva testing for drugs during roadside stops. The provision, which the House added to S.225, a 42-page omnibus bill on motor vehicles, also sets a 0.05 percent limit for blood alcohol content if a driver is found to have a certain threshold […]

Senate panel puts off financial disclosure question

Sen. Richard Mazza, D-Colchester, does not believe financial disclosure is necessary for lawmakers.

Franklin County Republican gets seat on Senate Finance

“We made these appointments through individual conversations with each other over the past few days,” Phil Scott said in a written statement.

Senate rejects McAllister’s request to reconsider suspension

The Senate Rules Committee voted 4-1 against reconsidering McAllister’s suspension. Sen. Peg Flory, R-Rutland, was the sole vote in favor.

Flory, Mazza & Starr: Yankee, divestment votes fail to put Vermonters over special interests

Recent issuances from Vermont’s government have overridden fiduciary responsibility and due process in favor of special interest campaigns and political gestures.

Senators invoke Vermont Yankee to slam Shumlin on divestment

A letter from three state senators criticizes his push for divestment from fossil fuels and links it to his opposition to the Yankee nuclear plant. The governor’s spokesman contends the senators are “on the wrong side of history.”

Charges traded at heated Senate ethics meeting

A Rules Committee meeting ended abruptly after Sen. Philip Baruth and Sens. John Campbell and Richard Mazza traded accusations.

Senate Democrats not rushing to back Corren

More Democrats in the Vermont Senate are backing Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Scott than are publicly supporting Progressive Dean Corren, who also appears on the Democratic ballot. One senator says concern over committee appointments may be preventing some members from choosing.

Compromise on cellphone ban under consideration

Senators on conference committee propose changes to point assessment, House members optimistic bill will pass.