debt ceiling

Welch drums up support for raising debt ceiling

In Vermont, meanwhile, the Republican and Democratic parties are trading barbs in defense of their national counterparts and their roles in the slightly more imminent threat of a government shutdown.

Pulcer: Checks and balances redefined

The object of Debt Ceiling Hockey is to get the puck into the opposing team’s net. The goalie for the Holy Donkeys was Barack Obama, but being a tall, slim man, he wasn’t well suited for this position.

Leahy’s remarks on Senate passage of debt ceiling agreement

“This is not a solution I would have preferred, but the compromise finally reached by the White House and congressional leaders puts common sense and the national interest above partisanship and ideology.”

Vermont GOP: Republicans in Washington are “changing the conversation” with the debt deal

McDonald: “Behind the leadership of Speaker Boehner and Senator McConnell, we have taken strong steps towards reining in out-of-control spending and getting America’s fiscal house back in order.”

Welch votes against debt ceiling plan; bill authorizes “Ryan team” to make cuts

Vermont’s congressional delegation is split on the so-called Reid-McConnell deal. Sen. Patrick Leahy reluctantly supports the bill. Sanders opposes it, and Welch voted against the debt-ceiling plan.

Leahy: Democrats and Republicans must come together

A my-way-or-no-way faction in the other body has had no qualms about playing Russian Roulette with our entire economy and with every American family in it.

Dunsmore: Accountability matters in debt ceiling coverage

Accountability, not false equivalency, should be mainstream media’s primary focus in debt ceiling coverage.

Right-to-know advocates decry use of Faster FOIA Act as vehicle for budget bill

The Speaker unnecessarily stripped the Faster FOIA Act from S.627, completely replacing the language with the budget bill.

Sanders: Why Americans are so angry about the debt ceiling crisis

Congress is on track to give the American people exactly what they don’t want: major cuts in the most important programs that the middle class needs and wants, and no sacrifice from the wealthy and the powerful.

Stannard: Will McConnell & Co. destroy America to defeat Obama?

It’s not that McConnell can’t work with our president. It’s that he doesn’t WANT to work with our president. McConnell and Boehner never offered a peep of resistance to financing two wars off the books to the tune of over $3 trillion. They went along when former President Bush raised the debt ceiling numerous times. But now it’s a problem.

Kunin: Compromise is not a dirty word

It’s time to recognize what compromise means: no side wins or loses all. The real winner of compromise is not either fighting party — it is the American people.

Leahy explains why he voted against balanced budget amendment to Constitution

Leahy: “The House bill denies authority to meet the Nation’s obligations until Congress passes a type of constitutional amendment that will actually make it more difficult to reduce our national debt. That kind of constitutional blackmail has no place in a democracy, and no place in our laws.”

Welch calls for up or down vote on debt ceiling extension

Welch: “America is now at the doorstep of default. We cannot allow the extreme wing of the majority party to pull the trigger on the default gun.”

State treasurer warns federal debt ceiling impasse could negatively impact Vermont’s AAA credit rating

“Even the highest-rated states, including Vermont, would have their ratings reviewed next week in light of the continued U.S. debt ceiling debate,” said State Treasurer Beth Pearce.