David Brynn

David Brynn: Sweet freedom and unity

One of my favorite recollections of sugaring in Vermont is the tradition of annual maple meetings held in the cold days of January.

David Brynn: Making our invisible water commons visible again

Water is commonly held in Vermont. The state of Vermont has been designated as the trustee of our water commons.

David Brynn: Changing the focus of forest conservation

Given the predicted storm events of a rapidly changing climate, what more can be done on less to protect our water commons?

David Brynn: Cleaning up our common waters

The waters of the state of Vermont — be they flowing in a river, seeping through the ground, or staying put for a while in a lake — are held by the people. They are our common waters.

David Brynn: Toward a resilient Vermont forest-based economy

Vermont’s forest-based economy must become even more collaborative and holistic and less competitive and linear.

David Brynn: From sustainable forestry to resilient forestry

For conservationists and land users of all stripes, understanding and preserving the capacity of the land to be resilient is now job one.

David Brynn: Conserving our forests and cleaning up Lake Champlain

In November, the State of Vermont published a draft proposal on the cleanup of Lake Champlain. The document was intended to stimulate discussion. It will!