Daniel Richardson

Daniel Richardson: Legal Aid services benefit all Vermonters

When totaled with the anticipated federal reductions, Vermont faces a loss of over a million dollars in Legal Services Corp. and legal aid funds.

‘Eat More Kale’ artist wins trademark battle

Bo Muller-Moore has won a trademark for his “Eat More Kale” T-shirts. His application had been opposed by Chick-Fil-A, a national fast food chain, which had argued that Muller-Moore’s shirts infringed on its slogan, “Eat Mor Chikin.”

SCOV Law Blog: In CHINS case, time matters

RM, RM, and CM are siblings who have had it rough. Originally raised in Winooski, the three became subject to a child in need of supervision (CHINS) petition.

SCOV Law Blog: Denial of last-minute request to change counsel upheld

In today’s case when mother, who was fighting a termination of her remaining parental rights, announced to the judge at the start of the hearing that she wanted to switch counsel or represent herself, the trial court was having no part of it.

SCOV Law Blog: ‘We control the horizontal’

Police officer stopped defendant because the passenger’s side of defendant’s front license plate was two inches lower than the driver’s side.

SCOV Law Blog: No happy endings

What was not at issue was father’s love for the child and father’s distress caused by the separation from his child. The trial court acknowledged as much in its final decision, but the trial court was required to look to the best interests of the child.

SCOV Law Blog: Drawing things out

A DUI can be and often is a person’s only crime or contact with the criminal justice system. It can come at any age and to any level of society. It usually stems from a mixture of the ubiquitous alcohol and poor judgment.

SCOV Law Blog: Pop-up pop

The SCOV starts by acknowledging that parents do have strong, fundamental interests in bearing and raising their children. … Such rights do not spring fully formed from the moment of conception. Parental rights are not simply biological.

SCOV Law Blog: Tilting at tax appeals

Plaintiffs could not really argue with the assessment. They had just poured $700,000 into the property. Assessing it 78 percent of that amount is probably close to what plaintiffs would believe the property to be worth.

SCOV Law Blog: Crazy on condition

The State requested that, notwithstanding the screener’s statement, the trial court order defendant to a psychiatric hospital for a full evaluation. The trial court was stymied about what to do.

SCOV Law Blog: The late shift

Despite the lack of actual harm, the Professional Responsibility Board recognizes that justice delayed is a form of justice denied and that a late filed case causes stress and anxiety for the client.

SCOV Law Blog: One trick contract

The big idea is that contracts allow the parties to allocate risk, to disclaim and define their specific responsibility through warranty, and to make clear from the outset what each owes the other.

SCOV law blog: Supremes distill basis for DUI stop

For neither the first nor the last time, the SCOV has effectively walled off another area of potential DUI defense.