contract negotiations

Burlington School Board, union still far apart on new contract

The district says it’s offering a 3.75 percent pay increase over two years, versus a one-year 5.28 percent increase sought by the union. A mediator will suggest a resolution.

Rutland school board says talks with teachers at impasse

The board said it offered a 4.76 percent average raise for each of the next four years. Health care is a sticking point too. The union criticized the decision “to walk away rather than keep talking.”

Unions vs. school boards: Who has upper hand in bargaining?

Local officials feel overmatched by the union’s million-dollar team of strategists. The union says it needs the help to counter the education establishment and practice a fundamental right.

Speaker introduces new teacher health insurance plan into end-of-session mix

Mitzi Johnson says her plan would address concerns about teacher benefits that are holding up adjournment. The Senate president wouldn’t comment, while unions rejected it.

House due back Wednesday, Senate TBD

Ahead of lawmakers’ return for an unbudgeted 19th week of this session, progress is slow.

Scott, Democrats edge closer to veto showdown

Legislative leaders united behind a new proposal on teacher health care savings while making plans to adjourn even if there’s no break in their impasse with the governor.

Lots of talk, no ‘real progress’ on teacher health care deal

“We’re going to have to get creative in order to do it. I think they can,” Scott said on a day of meetings about the issue that’s blocking adjournment.

New teacher contracts illustrate challenge of saving

Four of the eight agreements include the premium sharing the governor says the state can achieve. Legislative analysts say other assumptions would have to hold true for his plan to work.

No deal in latest Burlington school talks, but new round set

“I’m optimistic that the parties can reach an agreement,” said a mediator who presided over a negotiating session last week.

Burlington School Board: Union won’t negotiate in public

BURLINGTON — The Burlington School Board is crying foul because it says the city’s teachers union is refusing to hold public negotiations for its upcoming contract. “The people of Burlington want transparency,” said board Chair Mark Porter in a statement Monday. “We’ve made a concerted effort from the beginning to follow the same open negotiation […]

UVM faculty union blasts spending on executives, managers

BURLINGTON — As contract negotiations get underway between the University of Vermont and the union representing faculty, the union says the school is spending too much on managers and executives and not enough on professors. The current three-year contract expires June 30. The University of Vermont chapter of United Academics/AFT cites a study by the […]

Burlington says pension fund reforms saved tax money

Changes include increased contributions from employees, new investment management and a difference in the way future needs are calculated.

UVM reaches contract deal with campus police union

BURLINGTON — The University of Vermont has reached a three-year contract agreement with the union representing its campus police and dispatchers, the college said Tuesday. The deal, with the Chauffeurs, Teamsters, Warehousemen and Helpers Union No. 597, includes wage increases of 2 percent for the fiscal year that began July 1 and each of the […]

Burlington School Board offers pay-for-benefits tradeoff

The district and the Burlington Education Association presented arguments for their respective positions before a neutral fact finder recently in hopes of jump-starting stalled contract negotiations.