Chris Roy

Moretown Landfill revises groundwater cleanup plan

As state officials review a new plan to deal with contaminated groundwater, differences surface in each party’s goals for the cleanup.

Tarrant endorses Roy for Secretary of State

For immediate release August 23, 2010 Contact: Chris Roy 802-355-6196 Rich Tarrant Endorses Chris Roy for Secretary of State Tarrant: “Vermonters have a tremendous opportunity to elect someone uniquely qualified to serve as Secretary of State from day one.” Williston*** Rich Tarrant, successful Vermont businessman and 2006 Republican nominee for US Senate, endorsed Chris Roy […]

In the aggregate: A Who’s Who of primary candidates

Check out our exhaustive listing of links to profiles of primary election candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state and state auditor by Vermont media outlets. Primary day is Tuesday, Aug. 24.

Business leaders endorse Roy for Vermont Secretary of State

Business Leaders and Professionals Endorse Roy Business Leaders and professionals from around the state cite Roy’s outsider experience and 5-point plan to reform the Secretary of State’s office. Williston***Chris Roy, attorney and community volunteer, announced a large group of business people and professionals from around Vermont who endorse his campaign for Secretary of State. Roy […]

Roy: Gibbs ignores facts on FPR budget increase

This press release is from Chris Roy, a GOP candidate for Vermont Secretary of State. If there is one issue that matters most in the campaign for Secretary of State, it is honesty and transparency. Voters demand and expect it from all elected officials, but most importantly, the next Secretary of State must be held […]

Gibbs: Setting the record straight

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 28, 2010 Contact: Brittney Larrabee [email protected] 802-274-2722 Setting the Record Straight Statement of Secretary of State candidate Jason Gibbs Regarding the Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation (FPR) Budget I’m proud of the work we did at FPR to reduce General Fund, taxpayer financed spending, while increasing productivity and revitalizing our […]

Merriman: Other candidates' finance reports are error ridden

Press Release Contact: Charlie Merriman July 21, 2010 Phone: 802-294-8096 SoS Candidates Stumble in Campaign Finance Compliance Merriman cites problems with filings, disclaimer, and contribution limits Secretary of State candidate Charles Merriman today reported that the July 15th campaign finance filings submitted by the three other major party candidates for the office contain multiple errors […]

Roy questions Gibbs' private sector experience

For immediate release July 22, 2010 Contact: Chris Roy 802-355-6196 Gibbs “Career” Questioned Appearing on WDEV this morning Gibbs said he has spent “half of his career in the private sector.” Williston***Chris Roy, attorney and community leader, today asked Jason Gibbs to be fully transparent about his private sector experience with the voters of Vermont […]

Roy: Secretary of State’s office needs outsider with fresh approach

There is more to governing than bullet points and political rhetoric. Our elected officials must lead by doing the job they were hired to do. If the Secretary of State does not perform the duties of the office, no one else will. Simply put, he needs to tend the store. My plan involves (1) leveraging technology to deliver better service, (2) modernizing the laws affecting municipalities, (3) streamlining public document and meeting laws, (4) continued improvement of the professional regulatory system, and (5) overhauling Vermont’s statutes regarding the enactment and enforcement of regulations.

Mayor Lauzon to chair the Chris Roy campaign

For immediate release        June 3, 2010 Contact: Chris Roy 802-355-6196 Mayor Lauzon to Chair Chris Roy Campaign Lauzon: “Vermont faces severe challenges, and it will take a serious leader with concrete proposals to reform Montpelier.  Chris Roy is that kind of leader.” Williston***Chris Roy, attorney and community leader, today announced Mayor Thomas Lauzon of […]

Gibbs takes issue with nature of Roy’s debate challenge

Saturday, May 22, 2010 Dear Chris, I am running a positive, upbeat campaign that directly and interactively involves Vermonters and is working to increase the number of Vermonters supporting Republican candidates up and down the ticket. I have been honest, up front and more than fair with you regarding every aspect of this campaign in […]

Roy accuses Gibbs of “demeaning public debate”

For immediate release May 20, 2010 Contact: Chris Roy 802-355-6196 Where’s The Transparency and Honesty? Politics as usual: On debates, Gibbs says one thing and does another Williston***Chris Roy, attorney and community leader, today asked Jason Gibbs to be honest and forthright with the voters on his challenge of weekly debates. When Jason Gibbs entered […]

Roy challenges Gibbs to one debate a week until Aug. 24

For immediate release May 17, 2010 Contact: Chris Roy 802-355-6196 Secretary of State Race Is A Clear Choice: Outsider vs. Insider. Time To Debate! Roy: “I’ve made my positions clear and have a five-point reform agenda that I want to take to Montpelier. Vermonters want and deserve substance in this campaign and I challenge Commissioner […]

The People Behind the Parties: Erik Mason, executive director of the Vermont Republican Party

Mason has his eye on Senate and House seats in Rutland, Franklin, Orange and Caledonia counties, which tend to trend conservative.