child care

Don Keelan: Let’s give back the $1.2 million

I would hope that I am not the only one who is bewildered by the recent announcement that Bennington’s United Counseling Services has been awarded a $1.2 million federal grant to provide child care services to families at risk in Bennington County.

Nicole Grenier: Child care struggles in Vermont

I have never known any parents, regardless of income, education or employment, who have not struggled to find openings at the best child care they could afford.

Chloe Learey: Early childhood education means business

Quality early care and education is a critical part of our economic development now and in the future.

New state rules push child care providers out of business

New regulations for child care providers that have been in place since September may have forced providers to close. Over a six-month period beginning at the end of May, 49 licensed child care centers were shuttered, while 47 new ones opened. Home child care programs fared much worse, with a net loss of 51 programs […]

Let’s Grow Kids Media Statement on Child Care Closures

News Release — Let’s Grow Kids Feb. 22, 2017 Contact: Nicole Haley, Communications Manager 802-391-0545 or [email protected] Vermont child care closures highlight need for increased investments in high-quality, affordable early care and learning programs February 22, 2017 By Robyn Freedner-Maguire, Let’s Grow Kids Campaign Director The recent closures of child care programs across the state […]

Report predicts big financial return on child care expansion

A new report finds that expanding and investing in high-quality child care and early education would be an economic boon to the state. For every dollar Vermont spends on such programs, the state could reap $3.08 back, according to a report by the Vermont Business Roundtable’s Research and Education Foundation. The paper lays out what […]

Vermont Early Childhood Business Council Event Highlights Need to Invest in High-Quality, Affordable Early Care and Learning

News Release — Early Childhood Business Council February 2, 2017 Contact: Rebecca Copans, (802) 922-3452 or [email protected] Montpelier, Vermont — About 56 Vermont employers, representing nearly 20,000 employees from across the state, gathered at the Capital Plaza Hotel yesterday (Feb.1) for the launch of Vermont’s Early Childhood Business Council. The event, which included remarks by […]

Scott Woodward: Investing in affordable child care

As Gov. Scott so aptly described in his recent inaugural address, addressing our state’s shortage of high-quality, affordable child care is very much a part of resolving Vermont’s overall affordability issues.

Islene Runningdeer: A win-win idea for moms and kids

I wish that I had been guided and supported when I was a young mother.

Faye Longo: One car repair away from disaster

I have worked hard all my life to pull myself out of the cycle of poverty and I will not willingly go back on public assistance if I can help it!

Matt Levin: Vermont’s child care puzzle

Vermont’s “mixed delivery system” of child care and early learning providers includes small and large private providers, home and center-based programs, and school-based programs.

Bill Schubart: Prevention is the best investment

We know the “ounce of prevention” axiom but too often fail to observe it under the pressure of balancing budgets or absent courageous leadership.

Alan Guttmacher: Child care a necessary and wise investment

This report makes one thing clear: Investing in the early years is a social and economic imperative for Vermont.

Study recommends state move toward universal early child care

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Financing High Quality, Affordable Child Care says high quality child care for all the state’s children up to age 5 could cost up to $766 million. It suggests incremental investment with a goal of changing the delivery system.