Burlington School Board

Burlington School Board, union still far apart on new contract

The district says it’s offering a 3.75 percent pay increase over two years, versus a one-year 5.28 percent increase sought by the union. A mediator will suggest a resolution.

Burlington School Board declares contract talks impasse

Declaring an impasse will allow the two sides to bring in a mediator and factfinder to help broker a new contract

Burlington School Board: Union won’t negotiate in public

BURLINGTON — The Burlington School Board is crying foul because it says the city’s teachers union is refusing to hold public negotiations for its upcoming contract. “The people of Burlington want transparency,” said board Chair Mark Porter in a statement Monday. “We’ve made a concerted effort from the beginning to follow the same open negotiation […]

Burlington board readying in case Scott education plan gains traction

BURLINGTON — The city school board says if Gov. Phil Scott’s education plan calling for level-funded budgets is adopted, it would require the district to cut $3.2 million from its recently approved budget. Scott, a Republican, faces long odds in persuading the Democrat-dominated Legislature to adopt his plan, which would have communities vote on school […]

Stephanie Seguino: Budgeting with a human face

Constituents from all sides lobby the board heavily — asking for more spending on educational programs, lower property tax increases, higher teacher salaries, and sometimes all of these at once.

Lawyer: Facebook posts didn’t violate school board policy

BURLINGTON — A report by the Burlington School Board’s attorney says that offensive Facebook posts by a board member were not reflected in his work on the board and did not violate its policies. Ward 7 School Commissioner David Kirk sparked a backlash last month when concerned parents discovered posts on his personal Facebook page […]

Burlington School Board signs teacher contract

The terms teachers agreed to aren’t very different from the imposition they fought so hard against.

Burlington school board member, candidate for House share bigoted views on social media

Mike McGarghan, a candidate for state representative, called for Obama to be hung in Tweets, and School Board Member David Kirk shared memes on Facebook that disparaged immigrants and people of color.

Brian Cina: Better spending, better outcomes

Spurred by current economic realities, the Burlington School District has prioritized spending on evidence-based strategies to improve student learning.

Burlington School Board invites community to FY16 budget work sessions

The Burlington School Board and Administrators are hard at work developing a budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year.

Burlington School Board meetings move to Contois Auditorium

Beginning with its December Meeting, the School Board will conduct the District’s business in City Hall’s Contois Auditorium.

Burlington School Board selects Howard Smith to lead city schools

The Burlington School Board of Commissioners announced today that it has selected Dr. Howard Smith to be the Interim Superintendent of Burlington Schools.

Burlington Schools and board identifying knowledge, skills and talents required for 21st century superintendent

The Burlington School District and the Superintendent Search Advisory Committee (SSAC) of the Burlington School Board are convening three public forums as part of a collaborative effort to recruit and hire a new Superintendent by the end of the current school year.

Rich Nadworny: Adventures in campaign finance land

The NO campaign had not filed a campaign finance report. This seemed odd to me.