Burlington City Council

Council approves sale process for Burlington Telecom

It will focus on a small number of potential buyers who are qualified. And it’s in the city’s financial interest to complete the sale by January.

Town meeting preview: Burlington

Divisions over the Town Center project are the backdrop for three council races. A $19 million bond for school improvements is also on the ballot.

Charles Winkleman: Listening to all voices

The unfortunate truth is that with an eight-week election season and 7,000 residents registered in my district, I have to focus my efforts on communicating with voters.

Burlington voters to weigh in on statewide $15 minimum wage

Councilor Selene Colburn, who is also a state representative, said a strong endorsement of the advisory question on Town Meeting Day would help galvanize support in Montpelier for raising the wage further.

Dig This: City Council races taking shape, highlighting divisions

Contests in three of the four districts reflect a growing divide in city politics between a voting bloc led by Mayor Miro Weinberger and a group of activists and organizers known as the Coalition for a Livable City.

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak: Weinberger’s misdirected criticism

The mayor’s critique of the Progressive Party is misplaced and his efforts to give the bulk of the credit to Democrats for Burlington’s successes ignores the efforts of 30 years of Progressive leadership in Burlington.

Burlington Progressive Party Endorses Knodell, Winkleman, Simpson

News Release — Vermont Progressive Party Jan. 17, 2017 Contact: Josh Wronski Executive Director, Vermont Progressive Party Phone: 518-810-6978 Email: [email protected] Burlington, VT – The Burlington Progressive Party finalized endorsements for City Council and other local offices on Sunday. The Party unanimously endorsed Jane Knodell for Central District, Charles Winkleman for East District, and Charles […]

Burlington council to seek voter input on $15/hour minimum wage

Council President Jane Knodell wants to ask residents in March to support urging the Vermont Legislature to increase the hourly wage rate to $15.

UPDATED: Local activist to challenge Burlington city council president

Grill promised to give citizens more say in city redevelopment efforts.

UPDATED: Anti-Semitic fliers target Burlington officials

The leaflets aimed at Mayor Miro Weinberger and others were left on public seating before Monday’s City Council meeting. Police said they were referring the person believed responsible to a mental health agency.

Burlington City Council to ask voters for a raise

BURLINGTON — The City Council voted Monday to place a question on the March Town Meeting Day ballot asking residents to increase councilors’ compensation. Dave Hartnett, I-North District, who originally proposed giving councilors a raise, said at previous meetings that the increase is warranted because pay has remained stagnant for more than a decade. The […]

Council, residents want to know what will replace auditorium

The city of Burlington is waiting to hear from the University of Vermont about whether it’s interested in partnering to build an arena in that location before moving forward with redevelopment plans.

Burlington council leader survives challenge from within party

A group that had clashed with Jane Knodell over her support for the Town Center mall redevelopment put up its own candidate for the Progressive endorsement for her seat in the March election.

Burlington to explore pay increase for city councilors

BURLINGTON — City councilors are exploring increasing their compensation, currently an annual stipend of approximately $3,000. City Councilor Dave Hartnett, I-North District, introduced a resolution that called for a $2,000 increase, but he stripped the dollar amount from his proposal, saying he was mostly interested in starting a conversation. The resolution was passed at Monday […]