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Jack Hoffman: General fund budget gap? What gap?

The budget conversation in Montpelier should shift away from “the gap” and more toward to the purpose of raising and spending public money.

Willem Jewett: The governor’s broken campaign promises

Gov. Phil Scott is proving that he has an agenda far more aggressive than Candidate Scott’s.

Scott says his budget honors Medicaid forecast

He called his plan to set aside $10 million of the projected cost “a different way of accounting” that gives the state flexibility.

Lawmakers: Scott budget proposal shorts Medicaid projection by $10M

He would put $10 million of the expected cost of the program into a reserve fund rather than incorporating it into the budget. Lawmakers say that threatens to undermine the forecasting process.

Analysts doubt Scott education plan can deliver

“If schools make the cuts the governor has asked for, Vermont homeowners won’t see lower taxes,” according to Paul Cillo, an architect of the education fund.

Request to delay school budget votes fares no better in House

The administration — already rebuffed by a Senate panel — wanted to focus on that aspect of the governor’s education proposal. But House committee members raised broad issues with the overall plan.

Education panel rejects key part of Scott’s budget plan

His proposal for overhauling education spending rests largely on having towns postpone their school budget votes until May. But lawmakers weren’t receptive to that idea Tuesday.

ICYMI: Video and text of Gov. Scott’s budget address

Gov. Phil Scott delivered his first budget address on Tuesday. Read the full text here, or watch the video provided by Vermont PBS.

Lawmakers say holes in Scott plan likely to sink it

House Ways and Means identified issues with the timing and constitutionality of the education overhaul, while the tax commissioner acknowledged a major financial gap.

Margolis: The political calculus behind Scott’s new math

It’s not yet clear if the numbers in the governor’s bold plan for education spending add up, but they do count for something.

Gov. Phil Scott’s 2017 budget address

“We have avoided the reality of this [economic] crisis for far too long. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to put us on a new path to a more prosperous future.”

UPDATED: Scott level funds state budget, education spending

Scott’s plan shifts millions of dollars from the K-12 education system to pay for pre-K and higher education programs.

Governor’s ‘radical’ education plan takes many by surprise

The Phil Scott who laid out an ambitious overhaul of the state’s school funding was not the same one many voters and Montpelier colleagues had grown accustomed to as lieutenant governor and a state senator.

Scott would keep Vermont Health Connect, fund new housing

Gov. Phil Scott’s budget outlines a plan for operational savings at Vermont Health Connect and a $35 million bond for affordable and workforce housing.