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Budget signed into law, but uncertainty looms from DC

Three days before the start of a new fiscal year, Gov. Phil Scott has signed a state budget into law, but looming federal cuts could upend Vermont’s financial apple cart.

With unusual legislative session over, political fallout can begin

Republican see the session as a win; Democrats ‘aren’t spiking the football.’

Some worry school funding problems being kicked down road

“I am concerned this sets up an increase in taxes next year, but that ship has sailed,” said Rep. Cynthia Browning, D-Arlington.

After weeks of strife, few fireworks in daylong veto session

“Compromise is successful when nobody gets everything they want, and nobody walks away with their last choice option,” said the House speaker. Lawmakers passed budget and tax bills and wrapped up.

UPDATED: Compromise boxes in teacher health care negotiations

The deal between Gov. Phil Scott and lawmakers requires school boards to either negotiate Scott’s preferred health care plans or dig into their budgets to save money for taxpayers.

UPDATED: Deal reached in effort to end veto stalemate

“I think we have a strong compromise that everybody will be able to say yes to,” said House Speaker Mitzi Johnson. The issue was how to find savings on teacher health benefits.

State revenues on target for closeout of fiscal year

But the administration’s budget chief, Andy Pallito, says a $15 million to $30 million budget-cutting exercise is still on tap for the next year.

UPDATED: Scott’s fiscal veto message rejected as inadequate

The House clerk said the budget and property tax bill vetoes needed to come in separate letters. Scott’s spokesperson called the rejection “hyper-political.” The clerk’s office later accepted resubmitted versions.

VIDEO: Teachers union seeks to tar Scott over budget standoff

Vermont-NEA President Martha Allen said she feared a government shutdown, although the governor has said: “This isn’t D.C., and I will not shut down state government over this issue.”

Vermont Life editor leaving; future of magazine uncertain

The publication has been in financial trouble for a number of years, and the state is considering what direction to take. That could include a commercial partnership or even a sale.

Paul Cillo: More state control is not the answer

The governor’s simplistic and unnecessary proposal created chaos in Montpelier and put the Legislature two weeks beyond its scheduled adjournment.

Legislature adjourns facing budget veto by Gov. Scott

Lawmakers left Montpelier without reaching a resolution with the governor over his proposal to change teachers’ health care benefits negotiations. Lawmakers set aside time in late June to return to Montpelier for a special Legislative session.

The Deeper Dig: The $26 million question

In this first installment of a new podcast, VTDigger’s Mark Johnson and Elizabeth Hewitt break down the political maneuvering over teacher health care that led to the breakdown of adjournment.

Democrats link Scott’s housing priorities to budget enactment

If Scott vetoes the budget, he will be both vetoing his own housing bond and delaying the effective date of his proposed housing tax credits.