Bill Schubart

Bill Schubart: Burlington College — politics or governance failure?

I won’t dwell on the details of Burlington College except to say that the entire fault lies with the board.

Bill Schubart: Stay the course in health care

Vermont’s direction has been one of collaboration, not competition, and has prioritized policies that benefit all those over ones that might benefit only some.

Bill Schubart: On the socio-economic implications of suicide

We are ill-served by our limited understanding and definition of suicide, as it is a critical metric of community well-being.

Bill Schubart: Puccini in Middlebury

It’s provincial to imagine that only big cities can produce great opera.

Bill Schubart: Changing with the times

I worry that our tendency toward self-adulation calcifies belief systems that often impede our progress.

Bill Schubart’s Talk on Lila & Theron at Phoenix Books Rutland

News Release — Phoenix Books Rutland June 2, 2017 Contact: Kristen Eaton 802.872.7111 (p) 802.872.7112 (f) BILL SCHUBART’S TALK ON LILA & THERON AT PHOENIX BOOKS RUTLAND Rutland, Vermont – June 2, 2017: Phoenix Books Rutland will welcome Bill Schubart for a talk on his new novel, Lila and Theron, on Thursday, June […]

Bill Schubart: Service to country

I never knew my father. I was born four months after he died in the Philippines to a war widow in mourning.

Bill Schubart’s Book Launch for Lila & Theron

News Release — Phoenix Books May 16, 2017 Contact: Kristen Eaton 802.872.7111 (p) 802.872.7112 (f) Burlington, Vermont: Bill Schubart and Phoenix Books Burlington will celebrate the launch of Schubart’s new novel, Lila and Theron, on Tuesday, June 6th at 7pm. Ticket holders who purchase Lila and Theron at the launch celebration will get […]

Bill Schubart: Nation of cranks

The digital world has wrought many benefits to science, education, business and communication, but its impact on community has been less beneficial.

Bill Schubart: Plan for the future, learn from the past

Vermont spends twice as much storing our social and economic fallout in jail as it does supporting its six state colleges.

Bill Schubart: Vermont’s ethics crisis

Although most Vermonters favor establishment of an ethics commission with investigative and enforcement powers, the current bill does little more than provide legislative cover for inaction.

Bill Schubart: Middlebury student mob and free speech

Being exposed to ideas one finds ethically or intellectually flawed is intrinsic to learning.

Bill Schubart: The death throes of the ‘trickle-down’ mantra?

If, as Calvin Coolidge says, “The business of America is business,” we’re pretty much there.

Bill Schubart: The plague of willful ignorance

It’s often said that “ignorance is bliss.” Don’t believe it for a minute.