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Attorney general opposed rollback of net neutrality protections

News Release — Vermont Office of the Attorney General July 17, 2017 Contact: T.J. Donovan 802 595 8679 ATTORNEY GENERAL TJ DONOVAN OPPOSES FCC ROLLBACK OF NET NEUTRALITY PROTECTIONS Attorney General TJ Donovan today joined with 12 other attorneys general to oppose a rollback of critical net neutrality protections by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). […]

Don Keelan: Board, attorney general negligence contributes to repeated embezzlements

The unfortunate patterns that have existed among all of these can be traced back to a lack of oversight by management and the boards but also from a consistent “hands-off” attitude by the state’s Attorney General’s Office.

Attorney General Donovan Calls on Lawyers to Represent Immigrants

News Release — Vermont Attorney General’s Office February 2, 2017 Contact: T.J. Donovan Attorney General (802) 828-3173 IMMIGRATION TASK FORCE CO-CHAIRS ENDORSE TRAINING, PRO BONO EFFORT Attorney General Thomas J. Donovan, Jr. and the Vermont Bar Association are recruiting lawyers to provide legal services to those in need of advice and representation on immigration and […]

Sessions’ confirmation expected after party-line committee vote

The Republican majority sent his nomination to the Senate for a vote after attempts by Vermont’s Sen. Patrick Leahy and others to muster opposition failed.

Democrats block Sessions vote after Leahy, others pile on

The issues included the nominee’s refusal to admit there’s no evidence millions of illegal immigrants voted. “The next thing we are going to hear is the unicorns voted,” Leahy said.

Leahy decides: No on Trump attorney general pick

“After giving Sessions the benefit of the doubt, there’s too much doubt,” Leahy said Sunday about the president’s nominee.

Leahy’s queries yield some assurances from Sessions

In answers to written follow-up questions, the president’s pick for attorney general promised to enforce key laws but equivocated when it came to legal questions regarding Trump.

Leahy has a quiz for Sessions on extremism, crime, Trump

Vermont’s senior senator has asked Trump’s pick for attorney general to answer 37 written follow-up questions before Leahy decides whether he will support the nomination.

Leahy presses as Sessions declares commitment to civil rights

The Vermonter pushed the would-be attorney general to vow to uphold key rights laws he had not supported as an Alabama senator, including two Leahy sponsored.

Next attorney general says defending rights will be a priority

TJ Donovan says he’s exploring ways to challenge potential changes to federal immigration laws that could affect people living in Vermont.

Fee Scheme Using Online Obituaries Halted by Attorney General

News Release — Office of the Attorney General Nov. 22, 2016 Contact: Charity R. Clark Assistant Attorney General (802) 656-8430 Today the State of Vermont settled all claims with two companies and an individual who were bilking consumers who donated to charities through online obituaries. Vermont will receive over $15,000 in penalties for violations of […]

AG Office: Beware of IRS Scams

News Release — Office of the Attorney General August 9, 2016 Contact: Janet Murnane Consumer Assistance Program (802) 656-3183 Vermonters are continuing to report receipt of threatening recorded phone calls (robocalls) that claim to be from the IRS or the United States Treasury. Today, calls appear to be targeting Barre, Brattleboro and Burlington. We can […]

Republican lawyer declares bid for attorney general

Deborah Bucknam, a Republican attorney from Walden, officially announced her bid Monday to succeed Attorney General William Sorrell, a Democrat who is not seeking re-election. “Vermonters are looking for change in leadership and a new direction,” Bucknam said. “As attorney general, I will not only be the attorney for the state of Vermont, but I […]

Teachers union makes endorsement for attorney general: Donovan

The Vermont chapter of the National Education Association threw its support behind TJ Donovan’s bid for attorney general on Wednesday, a boost to a candidate who, so far, is running unopposed. Donovan, the Chittenden County state’s attorney, was pleased. “Our educators are the backbone of our society, and every day they see firsthand the impacts […]