Ariel Quiros

No break for Jay Peak on tax penalty; court battle looms

Town officials rejected a request by a court-appointed receiver who is overseeing properties tied to a federal fraud case. The tax bill has been paid, but a $164,159 late fee remains.

Judge asks Quebec counterpart to compel testimony on resort

“The evidence … is necessary in order for the Court to do justice in this case,” the judge wrote. The SEC wants to question executives of the company that sold Jay Peak to Ariel Quiros.

SEC seeks to depose Canadian executives over Jay Peak sale

Federal regulators filed a request to compel officials with Saint-Sauveur Valley Resorts to explain how Ariel Quiros purchased the ski resort.

Stenger ‘providing tremendous value’ on the job at resorts

The former president and CEO at Jay Peak, who is accused of investor fraud, works as a part-time consultant for $50 an hour and the use of a Volvo.

Jay Peak profits rise to over $9 million, officials report

That’s estimated to be quadruple what they were in the prior fiscal year, when Ariel Quiros and Bill Stenger were still in charge and about to face state and federal fraud allegations.

Quiros takes new approach in EB-5 case: Cooperate

A new lawyer says her client’s past team had a “contentious” approach, which she said has “not served Mr. Quiros well so far.”

Court OKs proposed $150M settlement with Raymond James

Miami federal court Judge Darrin Gayles gave preliminary approval to the settlement. If no one objects to the terms, the agreement will move forward.

Fraud case leaves heartache, and ‘hole,’ in Newport year later

“I think what happened in having the bubble burst was good in some way,” said one resident. “It made people realize they need to pull together as a community.”

UPDATED: Raymond James agrees to pay $150 million in EB-5 fraud settlement

The money from Raymond James and Associates Inc. will go to contractors who are still owed for work on Northeast Kingdom projects and investors who poured in millions.

Court filings show bad blood between Quiros, former attorneys

The flurry of filings submitted late last week reveal a breakup that is getting increasingly bitter with each additional motion submitted to the court.

Jay Peak EB-5 investors sue Saint Sauveur Valley Resorts

Immigrant investors allege the Quebec company knowingly transferred money to Ariel Quiros for the purchase of Jay Peak Resort.

Quiros drops appeal of order freezing his assets

The Miami businessman is no longer fighting a court injunction that froze assets accumulated through investor funds, including Jay Peak and Burke Mountain ski resorts.

Quiros fires legal team; attorneys place lien to get paid

A legal filing did not state a reason for the termination. Lawyers continue to press claims for more than $2 million in bills for his defense against a federal fraud lawsuit.

Insurer says Quiros owes the company, not other way around

The Jay Peak owner is suing the insurer to cover his legal bills in the face of fraud allegations. But the company says Quiros should pay its cost of fighting the coverage request.