Act 46

Vermont State Board of Education approves more school district mergers

Act 46 consolidation proposals are becoming more complicated and sometimes serve fewer students than past mergers. The latest include Williamstown and Northfield.

Tavis Morse: A double-jeopardy school budget

I was one of the people who voted against the Cabot school budget and I would like to explain why.

Ann Manwaring: The canary in the school yard

Isn’t it time for a deep dive into our education financing system?

Education committee endorses more flexibility under Act 46

Lawmakers are trying to create more options for parts of the state that have not found it easy to meet the goals of the school district merger law.

Randall Szott: Barnard after the vote

On Town Meeting Day, our residents cast a strong no vote against merging under the Act 46 proposal on our ballots.

Bennington election sweep boosts momentum for Act 46 talks

Three candidates who have said they’re open to or support the concept of a regional school district were elected in place of three skeptics or outright opponents.

Administration hails district merger votes as path to savings

Nearly 60 percent of Vermont students now live, or will soon be living, in a unified district, according to the administration.

Plymouth cancels town meeting day vote on Act 46

Plymouth voters were supposed to weigh in on an Act 46 merger vote, but the election was shut down in the early afternoon. Jim Condos, the Secretary of State, says the town will have to hold another vote. “This is an odd situation and one that I cannot remember happening in my time as Secretary […]

Most town meeting merger votes yield consolidated districts

Some will involve fewer towns than they could have, and two of the rejections hung on a single voter’s ballot in Wells.

Northshire school district merger overwhelmingly approved

The merger passed in every town by at least a 2-to-1 margin, according to an official. It will combine districts in nine towns into one, with about 1,700 students.

Windham County Act 46 votes a mixed bag

Voters in Windham Central Supervisory Union accepted one school district merger but rejected another. In Windham Northeast, a merger of four towns failed.

Town meeting preview: Bennington County

A vote on whether to merge school districts has dominated discussion in nine towns in the Manchester-Dorset area. Meanwhile, Bennington will consider two noteworthy spending requests.

Vermont town meeting ballots pose variety of questions

Voters this week will consider everything from Burlington’s $19 million school improvement plan to Brattleboro’s proposed ban on plastic shopping bags.

Town meeting preview: Act 46 school district mergers

Residents in 57 school districts will vote Tuesday on whether to merge into 10 larger districts. If all are approved, Vermont will shed two supervisory unions.