Haviland Smith: Trump’s NATO speech

The president addressed our NATO allies in Brussels today, giving a speech that perfectly well could have been written by Vladimir Putin.

David Deen: Stop aquatic exotics

Whether you use a powerboat, row, canoe, kayak, wade, swim, fish or sail, all river enthusiasts have an individual responsibility to protect the Connecticut River and its tributaries from the introduction of exotic aquatic species.

Greg Georgaklis: Choosing fresh local foods

When we factor in the health impacts, transportation costs and other external factors that go into “Big Food,” more people have determined that spending a bit more on food from known local sources is actually cheaper in the long run.

Donald De Voil: Making sound energy choices

A decision affecting the future of wind power in Vermont needs to compare the impacts of wind with those of other forms of energy production.

Robert Oeser: NorthStar’s ‘rubblization’ plan raises questions

Recent articles on NorthStar’s bid to take over decommissioning of the Entergy Vermont Yankee site have raised some questions for me.

Tad Montgomery: Killing the wind

Setting the lowest wind power sound limit in the nation and an arbitrary setback distance is going to make it nearly impossible to site a wind project in Vermont.

Sandra Levine: Next steps for climate action

Now is not the time to rest on Vermont’s past success or take a pause in our commitment to tackle climate change. Our actions need to match our resolve.

Suzanna Jones: Experiment in Environmental Ethics

Clever marketing has induced some of us to engage in moral relativism, ethics without substance and environmentalism at the cost of its soul.

Paul Manganiello & Susan Thomas: Practicing Intentional Vulnerability and American Exceptionalism

Could the relinquishing of defensiveness operate in somewhat the same way for leaders on a global scale?

Tim Trevithick: Marijuana legalization not the Vermont way

As a high school Student Assistance Program counselor in Vermont, I urge the governor to veto the marijuana legalization bill on his desk.

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: Amnesia and good intentions

Proficiency-based fans believe in allowing students to pursue their individual academic interests. Instead of testing, they champion “performance assessments” like portfolios.

James Maroney: Rebalancing the state’s dairy industry

The conventional dairying model derives its “efficiencies” from discharging its wastes into the environment, which is the principal reason why Lake Champlain has been polluted for the past two generations.

Peter Miller: ‘The state don’t want us in business’

“… now I got to spend $1,800 for a state computer and if I don’t fix it right and they inspect me doing the inspection and don’t like what I do then I could get a huge fine …” says Clem Despault, stock car racer and used car salesman.

John McClaughry: Seizing the teacher health insurance opportunity

Scott needs to drop his hasty, late in the game proposal to have the state (him) negotiate with the union. Then we should do what we did with teacher retirement in 1946.