Allan Ramsay: Time for universal primary care for all Vermonters

Our policies have not focused enough on primary care. For that reason Vermont is facing a perfect storm of access to primary care.

Elizabeth Sightler & Mary Moulton: Pay parity will stabilize mental health workforce

The designated and specialized service agencies in Vermont boast a proud history of leadership and successful outcomes.

Dan Hoxworth: Trump’s chopping block

The president’s proposed budget cuts will cripple services to Vermont’s most vulnerable populations.

Matt Simon: Letting marijuana users become law-abiding citizens

H.170 would eliminate penalties for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana, two or fewer mature plants, and four or fewer immature plants, by adults 21 and older.

Haviland Smith: Inducing terrorist paranoia

The “terrorist threat” is the basis for incredible amounts of “alternative facts” being circulated out of the White House.

Daniel Richardson: Legal Aid services benefit all Vermonters

When totaled with the anticipated federal reductions, Vermont faces a loss of over a million dollars in Legal Services Corp. and legal aid funds.

Karen Tronsgard-Scott: Saving lives by removing guns

The lives of victims of domestic violence literally depend on our state’s ability to keep firearms out of the hands of abusers.

Barrie Dunsmore: Can there be an American Spring?

Could it be that the spring of 2017 is the American Spring – a season of renewal and rebirth — a time when it will unmask and protect itself from future crippling Russian influence in its political process?

Frank Seawright: A lingering bitterness in Windham

The damage to communities like ours that is created in the run-up to a misguided wind project is bad; it is also long lasting.

Leo Cohen: From where the Republican arrogance?

The real snake in the Oval Office grass is Bannon.

Bob Stannard: What are our nation’s priorities?

Are we a nation that cherishes bombs, planes, tanks and guns (items that offer little in the way inspiration) over art and creativity?

Paul D. Manganiello: Obamacare — repeal, revise, replace?

What the Republicans are proposing will not bring about a healthy health care system but a continuation of our present dysfunctional health care system.

Ellen Schwartz: First they came for the immigrants …

While it is no surprise that ICE refutes claims that these arrests were politically motivated, Attorney General TJ Donovan’s choice to defer to ICE’s “purview” is shocking and disheartening.

Rich Nadworny: Marketing Vermont to business owners

My worry with Gov. Scott’s proposed marketing budget is that it hasn’t learned from past experience.