Joe Benning: The ever-changing education scene

Act 46 is not the end of the discussion. It is merely a momentary solution in a centuries-old debate that will continue long after we become ghosts ourselves.

John McClaughry: Four new bills to levy a carbon tax

Now the tax has been disingenuously rechristened as a “fee,” because “tax” arouses primal instincts among the voters.

Michael Badamo: Growing Montpelier

Montpelier is no longer a walking city, even though that goal continues to be the stated objective of master planning and new zoning regulations currently under intense discussion at City Hall.

Steven Gold: What Vermont can’t afford

Cutting tax expenditures for upper income people would give Vermont the resources to make smart investments that will improve the lives of all Vermonters.

Jack Mayer & Emily Joselson: Be an ally

As ICE agents increasingly seek to arrest Mexican migrant workers, too often they – and their Vermont farm-owner employers, and we, their neighbors – do not understand their legal rights or know how to help.

Barrie Dunsmore: Big Pharma and the opioid crisis

One of the main reasons for the staggering number of opioid victims is that “opioid makers played a big role in getting people hooked on drugs.”

Walt Amses: Tomahawk diplomacy

Last week’s attack on a Syrian airfield sent the clear message that 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles are worth a thousand words of dissembling from Donald Trump to distract from alleged collusion between his campaign and Russia to swing the election.

Jaiel Pulskamp: The economics of climate change

At the People’s Climate March, I will join hundreds of thousands to march against a system that exploits the Earth and its creatures, that exploits workers and engenders injustice.

Bob Stannard: Which way did he go, George?

The massive fighting vessel USS Carl Vinson sailed for days … in the wrong direction.

Barry Lawson: Conservatives’ carbon dividend plan merits consideration

The Climate Leadership Council is trying rally global opinion leaders around a climate solution based on so-called carbon dividends.

Stephanie Seguino: Racial woes in South Burlington

We live segregated lives in America and here in Vermont, too. But because of that, it is hard for white people to see how racial animosity and bias traumatize members of our community.

Randy George: Leave program a benefit for small businesses, employees

It is far too expensive for most small businesses to afford to pay people for up to 12 weeks while they are not working.

Robert Holland: David vs. Goliath at the Green Mountain Care Board

The prize was a certificate of need, the go-ahead from the Green Mountain Care Board to build the Green Mountain Surgery Center.

Monica Donovan: In Vermont, sensibility trumps fear-mongering

In an uncertain political era full of frightening headlines, it’s all too easy for detractors to paint marijuana as the gateway drug lurking in alleyways and on street corners.