Ruth Hardy: Time for women to step up

You marched on Saturday, now, as President Obama said in his farewell address, “Grab a clipboard, get some signatures, and run for office yourself!”

Bill Schubart: Ethics commission well worth its cost

Many Vermonters have spoken up supporting an ethics commission, but their elected legislators are waffling.

Josh Fitzhugh: For good or bad, Trump will shake things up

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Josh Fitzhugh, the chair of Washington County GOP committee who lives in West Berlin where he and his wife run a farm. He previously was an attorney and insurance executive and served as counsel to Govs. Richard Snelling and Howard Dean. did not vote for Donald Trump for president, […]

Jim Condos: Independent ethics commission is still needed

The key to our democracy is the public’s access to open and transparent government.

Emma Mulvaney-Stanak: Weinberger’s misdirected criticism

The mayor’s critique of the Progressive Party is misplaced and his efforts to give the bulk of the credit to Democrats for Burlington’s successes ignores the efforts of 30 years of Progressive leadership in Burlington.

Don Keelan: Casualties of the Shumlin administration

2016 was not a banner year for state officials charged with watching out for the welfare of its citizens and citizens-to-be.

Jessica Early: Saving health care for all Vermonters

Will the state GOP and our new Gov. Phil Scott stand with Vermonters to protect health care?

Scott Woodward: Investing in affordable child care

As Gov. Scott so aptly described in his recent inaugural address, addressing our state’s shortage of high-quality, affordable child care is very much a part of resolving Vermont’s overall affordability issues.

Earl Kooperkamp: Taking care of working families

One policy that can go a long way in fostering this positive work environment for younger workers and their families is implementation of paid family and medical leave.

Joe Benning: Guns again?

Recently a constituent said she couldn’t understand why I was against universal background checks for gun transfers.

Caleb Magoon & Noah Noyes: Education is missing piece to fighting opiate abuse

Taking a serious look at how we educate the young and vulnerable people in our society about the dangers and consequences of even casual use must be a critical component of addressing the opiate crisis.

Don Peterson: The wonders of Earth

Last week, a giant sequoia toppled in California. It must have been a thousand years old.

Diana Barnard: End-of-life law working as intended

As a palliative care physician what I want most for my patients is to have access to the best possible medical care that honors individual patient experience; an approach that maximizes quality of life, fully addresses suffering, and hence decreases the need for Act 39.

Stephanie Seguino: Budgeting with a human face

Constituents from all sides lobby the board heavily — asking for more spending on educational programs, lower property tax increases, higher teacher salaries, and sometimes all of these at once.