Jane Palmer: Why we risk arrest

Our judicial system is ill equipped to deal with those who choose to commit a non-violent crime in the name of a greater good.

Robert Letovsky: Focusing the ‘justice lens’ on the Burlington teachers contract

Invoking the concept of justice in a complex situation like this, with multiple stakeholders (i.e. parents, children, teachers, board members and taxpayers) seeking different things, is tricky.

John McClaughry: Men without work

“Men [aged 25-54] not in the labor force — neither working nor looking for work – are by far the fastest growing component of our prime male civilian non-institutional population,” writes Nicholas Eberstadt.

Stuart Graves: Media, culture and freedom

Independently of the explicit problem of money purchasing media for propaganda purposes, the media remains unwittingly complicit in maintaining our culture.

Thara Fuller: Investment in afterschool programs is investment in the economy

We can bring in all the companies we want to Vermont, but who will work in them if they have to leave at 2:30?

Marcia Hill: After the election

You may or may not have voted for Donald Trump, but we all have to face that we are part of a nation that has chosen a more racist path.

Felicia Kornbluh: Goodbye to all that liberal optimism

After the devastating election of Donald Trump, with his hateful misogyny, racism and religious intolerance, I am fearful.

Don Keelan: Election by popular vote? Not so fast

For the fourth time in U.S. history, the selection of the president will be undertaken by the Electoral College on Dec. 19.

Elayne Clift: How will the patriarchy survive strong women?

It will take still longer for some men to accept the idea that qualified women in leadership roles do not threaten male identity.

Markus Vogt: Independent schools intentionally different from public schools

The public education system is solely interested in the tuition funds that our small, state-approved independent school receives from the local supervisory union.

Rob Mullen: The larger truths of nature

Dead frogs and catfish don’t normally affect me any more than they do most people, but this has been a trying year and I was susceptible to small good omens.

Wavell Cowan: The next evolutionary step

An appreciation of what science has revealed about our evolutionary history is particularly relevant to an understanding of today’s uncertain times.

Bill Doyle bids adieu

As Senator-elect Brooks and his colleagues walk the halls of the State House this winter, I hope they keep in their minds and hearts, as I did over the decades, the words of Calvin Coolidge.

Angela Earle-Gray: Paid leave supports workforce, economy and future generations

Recently the VT FaMLI Coalition launched a campaign to establish a family and medical leave insurance program for all working Vermonters.