Clare Garvie & Jay Diaz: Suspension of DMV face recognition program not enough

In short, the DMV has been running error-prone biometric searches on innocent Vermonters, for police purposes.

Barrie Dunsmore: Trump’s foreign policy

When the president of the United States doesn’t understand basic issues, he can do some serious damage.

Tyler Resch: The purpose and passion of Ira Allen

Ira Allen, one of the major founders of Vermont, was an intelligent and complex character who led a vigorous and purposeful life.

Deb Sherrer: Sharing the road

I’ve been a driver and cyclist for over 40 years. Having been at the wheel and over the handlebars when sideswiped by a taxi, I have a few thoughts about the manners and rules of the road.

Don Keelan: It’s only a game

A Wall Street Journal columnist recommends that a plastic box be provided at youth sporting events for parents who get a little too boisterous.

Guy Page: NorthStar’s better mousetrap

If the NorthStar plan happens to makes the future of the nuclear power industry more viable, no wonder anti-nuclear groups like the New England Coalition are concerned.

Paul Manganiello: US needs to fund hunger relief efforts at home and abroad

Deep cuts to current programs that have been shown to be effective are being proposed by the current administration.

Linda Shrier Schiffer: NECCA board’s intent was not to dismantle organization

NECCA is no longer a small local circus arts training center. It is much more.

Greg Marchildon: Better care? Hardly

For the people of Vermont, Medicaid serves as a critically important safety net, even a lifeline.

Poor Elijah’s Almanack: Student voice and choice

Anybody who thinks that today’s students are the first to complain that “they don’t see the value in the schoolwork they are asked to do” needs to travel back in time to my freshman dorm and my eighth grade math class.

Greg Guma: Navigating change in uncertain times

We’re in uncharted territory. On some days, as the West’s domination of world affairs winds down, you can feel the wheels of history turning.

Mark Depman: Treating the whole patient

It is time to start looking at emergency room visits not as isolated health care incidents, but as opportunities to connect.

John Freitag: Individual solutions work best

It is time to focus back on this common goal of improving educational quality and to work hand in hand with communities where consolidation has proved difficult.

Sue Prent: A disappointing outcome

Apparently, when the chips were down, the jury chose McAllister’s testimony as more credible, which begs the question: why?