Gail Callahan

Gail Callahan

Gail Callahan is a New Jersey native. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from St. Michael's College. Throughout her career, she worked for weekly newspapers as well as magazines. Her published work includes news, book and theater reviews and feature stories. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and walking.

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    Hinesburg police officer at center of excessive force lawsuit resigns

    The officer resigned nearly a year after he and another officer responded to a domestic violence call at a couple’s home.

    Route 7 roadwork rolls into second summer with a few bumps

    Western Vermont’s major north-south corridor is seeing extensive roadwork in Ferrisburgh and Charlotte. Many residents and business owners welcome the changes, while others see issues.

    Third time is a charm: South Burlington passes budget

    The spending plan is a 4.89 increase over this year’s current budget. Education property taxes will decrease 1.2 percent.

    Valuable rhino horn vanishes from UVM collection

    Officials say the thriving illegal trade in such items means schools and museums need to guard against theft. The university is offering a reward for information.

    South Burlington School Board Oks budget proposal for final vote; declines to put Rebels nickname on ballot

    A group of citizens who support retaining the name circulated a petition, garnering 700 signatures, asking the board to hold a vote on the controversial nickname.

    Hinesburg school tries to help student over immigration status

    Officials say the youth, a refugee, would need a green card and other documentation to go on the annual class trip to Montreal.

    South Burlington residents call for end to racism

    Vicki Garrison, organizer of the event, told the crowd “even people who are causing a lot of pain in the community deserve our forgiveness.”

    No deal in latest Burlington school talks, but new round set

    “I’m optimistic that the parties can reach an agreement,” said a mediator who presided over a negotiating session last week.

    UPDATED: No trespass order lifted for South Burlington man

    Harassment charges stemmed from an ongoing debate about the Rebel nickname. Opponents of the name say it is racist because of its link with the Confederacy. The school board voted two months ago to change the name.

    UPDATED: No trespass order on South Burlington man lifted

    Dan Emmons’ attorney: “He is the wrong ideological persuasion for the South Burlington School District. You can’t throw someone out of the local school district because you don’t like them.”

    South Burlington voters turn down $50M budget, again

    The school board found $810,814 worth of savings while re-tooling the spending plan.

    South Burlington reconsiders $50M school budget Thursday

    The re-tooled spending plan represents $810,814 worth of reductions from the budget that was rejected on Town Meeting Day, March 7.

    New homeless shelter opens in Burlington’s North End

    COTS Executive Director Rita Markley said the new COTS building will give homeless people a place to rebuild their lives.