Born 3/29/1979
Burlington, Vermont

Died 5/7/2023
South Burlington, Vermont

Details of services

The Mass of Christian burial will be celebrated at Christ the King in Burlington on Thursday at 12:00 followed by a reception at the school where she taught Science and Math to the middle school students. She wanted any contributions made in her memory to go to Christ the King school. Online donations can be made at:   or mailed to  Christy Cinti Memorial Gifts, Christ the King School, 136 Locust Street, Burlington, VT 05401.

If you wish to leave some thoughts or happy memories about Christy, there is a link at Ready Funeral Home:

Christy, age 44, wife of Ray Cinti and mother of Bryce (12) and Nora (10), died peacefully on Sunday, May 7th, surrounded by her close family and good friend Julie Vieth.

Showing her characteristic tireless strength and optimism, along with the support of her family, friends, and large community, Christy had beaten back her breast cancer, with a cancer free diagnosis for over a year.  Tragically, her cancer came back with a horrible vengeance, in ways currently untreatable, spreading more quickly than could be managed even by the talented professionals at UVMMC and Brigham Women’s/Dana Farber. Thanks to the wonders of palliative care and the dedicated staff of Bayada Hospice, she died without pain in her favorite spot in the world at her childhood home, with the doors and windows open to the sounds of spring. The sunrise of her final day revealed apple blossoms in full bloom and the smell of lilacs in the air.  She was exactly where she wanted to be, and at peace.

In her last two weeks, the atmosphere at Christy’s bedside was one of pure love and profound gratitude. With her beautiful smile she told us how grateful she was to have lived a good life, and to have loved and been loved by so many wonderful people.  She wished she had had 44 more years but told us that what she had was perfect, and with no regrets. Even hours from death, she seemed to radiate a special light.

As scores of her friends came to our home over these last days to say their final good-byes, many told us through their tears how happy she always made them feel and how much she had taught them about how to live and now how to die. It is sometimes said that we may often forget what people tell us, and sometimes we even forget what people show us, but we never forget how a person made us feel. Christy always made us all feel better, feel seen, feel heard. She was a beautiful person who left the world a better place for her being part of it. We are grateful beyond measure for the love and richness that she brought to us. Our lives are so much better for knowing her. We are basking in her grace, and the memories of her will live forever. For all this we are grateful beyond description.

One of her good friends sent us this reflection: “She loved and lived life fully; she was radiant. Christy impacted my life beyond measure and I wish everyone had a “Christy” in their life…her beautiful spirit lives on in my heart, in the gentle breeze, in a loving hug.” The heavy burden of our mourning her today is the price we pay for love.

Christy attended South Burlington schools and graduated from Saint Michael’s College in 2006. Her first teaching job was at the Convent of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco where she was a beloved teacher, coach, and role model – enthusiastic, smart, caring. and creative. This is also where she met her husband, Ray Cinti, a fellow science teacher. They were married in 2009 and Christy quickly enjoyed a mother’s role to Ray’s children whom she has loved as her own. Bryce  was born shortly after and then Nora completed their family. As Ray once said. “All mothers love their children, but with Christy, her love has a depth I’ve never seen.” Her love for her family was beyond description.

Christy and Ray moved back to South Burlington in 2015 where she took a teaching position at the Christ the King School in Burlington.  This became the second home of her heart. She loved the students, her fellow faculty, and had a special love for teaching middle school students. They say that a teacher touches eternity, and if anyone has done that, it is Christy.

In 2021, Christy began pursuing a new career, this time, as a nursing student. Christy loved the prospect of directly helping those in sickness and providing gentle care to anyone struggling with health. She made many new and very close friends with her new classmates and they have become loyal supporters in these last weeks.

In addition to her husband, Ray, her children Bryce and Nora, and Ray’s daughters Serafina and Laurel Cinti, Christy is survived by her parents, Vince and Allyson Bolduc, her brother Andrew Bolduc and his wife Tierra; and her sister, Michelle Cannon and her three children, Griffin, Makenna and Grantham Cannon.  Her special aunts, uncles and cousins have played important roles in her life. There are too many to list, but she loved them deeply. Words fail to capture our appreciation of their importance to her family.